Las Vegas Wedding for 50 Guests or More

Las Vegas Wedding for 50 Guests or More

If you’re planning a Las Vegas wedding for 50 guests or more, you may be wondering what all your options are. This is the case with many happy couples, and that’s why Lakeside Weddings & Events has put together this helpful article to give you a general idea of what your choices are when inviting 50 people, or even more, to your wedding. Let’s dive in and find out what you have to look forward to when planning your big day.


Las Vegas Wedding Venue Options for a Guest Count of 50 or More People

If you have realized that your guest count makes for a mid to large size wedding, it’s now time to figure out what all your options are for this size wedding. Lakeside Weddings & Events caters to weddings that will have 50 or more guests, providing the bride and groom with outstanding options to fit their needs. Let’s get started with the first step – will it be an indoor or outdoor wedding?

Indoor & Outdoor Las Vegas Ceremonies for Mid to Large Size Weddings

It’s important to first decide whether or not you would like to have your wedding outdoors or indoors. There are many factors that can sway your decision, such as the time of year, if your a nature lover at heart, or if a traditional indoor wedding is more your speed. Here are a few details that cover both indoor and outdoor options here at Lakeside Weddings & Events:

Outdoor Las Vegas Weddings

Lakeside Weddings & Events is known for its fabulous outdoor wedding setup, to the point where no other wedding venue in the Las Vegas area can even compare. The demand for their outdoor wedding spaces is high, and so they felt the need to create a page dedicated specifically to Las Vegas outdoor weddings.

Weddings that take place outdoors at our venue can provide you with breathtaking lake and garden views that take your ceremony to the next level. Additionally, when you have a mid to large size Las Vegas wedding for 50 guests or more, having your ceremony outdoors provides plenty of room for everyone, along with fresh air, sunshine, and the like.

It all makes for a perfect wedding day for you and your guests, no matter what size wedding you are planning.

Here are a few details on what’s offered at Lakeside Weddings & Events outdoor spaces:

Lake & Garden Weddings

Most couples on the lookout for a stunning outdoor wedding venue have no idea that they can even have a lake wedding in Las Vegas. We call our location a desert oasis because of the beautiful lake views that just happen to be near downtown Vegas. The ceremonies are performed right on the shores of Lake Jacqueline. You and your 50 or more guests will be able to enjoy lake breezes, outstanding scenery that includes a shimmering lake, and stunning garden views, that make for a wonderful photo opportunity. Plus, if you’re having a Las Vegas evening wedding, the view of the sunset over the lake creates unforgettable wedding memories.

Gazebo Weddings

Along with having a dream come true Las Vegas lake wedding for you and your 50 or more guests, our outdoor wedding spaces are graced with charming, fairytale-like gazebos. Having an outdoor gazebo wedding adds elegance to your special day. Lakeside gazebos have a romantic look that your wedding guests will just love, especially when they are adorned by flowers and ivy. If having a fairytale wedding such as this has sparked your interest, take a look at our Las Vegas Gazebo Wedding Packages page.

Outdoor Waterfall Weddings

One of our Las Vegas outdoor wedding venues provides the bride and groom, and their 50 guests with an incredible 6-foot waterfall that they can say their “I DOs” right in front of. You will also find a beautifully arched gazebo in this wedding space, so you get the best of both worlds.

Indoor Las Vegas Weddings

If you are more on the traditional side and have your heart set on a Las Vegas indoor chapel wedding, Lakeside Wedding & Events has you covered. They boast a gorgeous wedding chapel that also showcases outdoor features. By this, we mean that your 50 or more wedding guests will have the luxury of sitting inside this beautiful chapel, but will also have a front-row view of the lake and surrounding garden through the chapels large glass windows. Additionally, the front of this Las Vegas wedding chapel has large glass doors that open up to a gorgeous lake. The bride and groom can either say their “I Dos” in the chapel, or step outside a few feet and stand at the edge of the lake, all while their guests sit comfortably inside the chapel.

We are positive that you won’t find an indoor wedding chapel in Las Vegas that is as stunning as this one. You can read more about it on our Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Package page.

Las Vegas Wedding Packages That are Best When Inviting 50+ Guests

Now that you have decided if you are going with an indoor or outdoor wedding space that will fit your 50 or more guests perfectly, it’s time to think about what type of Las Vegas wedding packages is best for you. This would be either an all-inclusive or ceremony only wedding, or possibly reception only package if you have already booked your ceremony site.

All Inclusive Wedding Packages

If you are inviting 50 guests, or maybe even more, we recommend selecting the all inclusive package. With this many guests, it will make things much easy on you as you plan your special day. This is because Lakeside Weddings & Events will take care of all the details of your ceremony and reception.

It really takes out all the stress of planning for so many guests, as well as allows you to stay at one location for both the ceremony and reception.

From the ceremony music, and guest seating, to the reception dinner, you won’t have to worry about a thing; except enjoying your big day. You can view our Las Vegas All-Inclusive Wedding Packages page for more details on what’s included, as well as pricing.

Here is a sneak peek of a few wedding inclusions you can look forward to:

  • On-site wedding coordinators will be there to assist in every way.
  • Access to a professional Las Vegas ceremony site large enough for 50+ guests.
  • Outstanding wedding photography provided (photo packages are purchased separately).
  • Use of the Bridal Suite to prepare before the wedding starts.
  • We include a rose bouquet and boutonniere for your ceremony.
  • Traditional music will be played as you walk down the aisle.
  • Use of a Las Vegas banquet hall that fits 50 wedding guests or more.
  • Tables are set up and ready for you and your guests.
  • Flower centerpieces are placed on each table. For a few ideas on selecting flowers for your big day, see our post on Tips for Choosing the Best Flowers for Your Las Vegas Wedding.
  • We provide wedding reception DJ and emcee services, if needed.
  • Water, tea, coffee, and soda are provided for 50+ guests, with drink upgrades available.
  • An outstanding customizable meal will be prepared.
  • We provide a multi-tier wedding cake for mid to large size weddings, along with cake-cutting services.

Ceremony Only Wedding Packages

For those happy couples out there who have already booked a banquet hall at a separate location, we welcome you to have an unforgettable ceremony at our popular Las Vegas wedding venue. We take care of every detail for you so you can focus on what really matters. Our beautiful indoor and outdoor wedding spaces are said to be the best in Las Vegas, with breathtaking lake and garden views for you and your wedding guests.

Our professional and experienced staff are equipped to handle any size wedding, whether it be 50 guests or more. From ensuring the alter is picture-perfect, to providing you with a fantastic wedding photographer, we will see to it that everything is perfect.

Take a look at a few of our ceremony-only inclusions:

  • Ceremony site with stunning lake and garden views large enough for 50 plus guests.
  • Walk down the aisle to traditional wedding ceremony music.
  • Seating for 50+ guests will be conveniently set up before the wedding.
  • If needed, we provide ceremony witnesses.
  • Packages include Wedding flower credits.
  • Experienced wedding photographer, with photo packages available separately.
  • Wedding planners are always available to help with your ceremony needs.
  • A Bridal Room is provided for pre-wedding preparations.

You can see all our ceremony-only packages, along with pricing information by taking a look at our Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony Only Packages page.

Reception Only Packages

Do you just need a wedding reception venue? We can certainly help. Lakeside Weddings & Events hosts receptions every day of the week, and do a fabulous job creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Our full-service venue can provide a place for you to host your wedding, no matter how many guests will be attending – 50, 80, or 100 people. We can handle it. View our Las Vegas Reception Hall page for some insight into what Lakeside Weddings & Events can offer you.

Our reception packages offer much, here is just a sampling of what’s included:

  • An experienced reception coordinator will be there for you every step of the way.
  • We will have tables and chairs set up for your 50+ wedding guests.
  • Table linens in a variety of colors to match your wedding.
  • For those 21 or older, we supply a champagne wedding toast.
  • Las Vegas reception packages include long-stem rose centerpieces that will be placed on all tables.
  • A professional DJ/Emcee comes with each reception package.
  • Basic packages include coffee, tea, and water. Other packages include wine, domestic beer, liquor, and mixers. A hosted or cash bar is available for an upgrade.
  • You and your guests will enjoy a gourmet buffet with a plated salad, as well as a breadbasket. This comes with two entrees, vegetable, as well as a starch. Menu items are customizable.
  • A beautiful two-tiered wedding cake is available with basic packages. You may opt for an incredible three-tiered wedding cake for you and your 50 plus guests. View our wedding cake designs for some inspiration!

See all we have to offer by visiting our Las Vegas Reception Only Packages page. Lakeside Weddings & Events in the Desert Shores Area of Summerlin can make your celebration a grand one that you will never forget.

Las Vegas 50 Plus Guest Wedding Q&A

Since we have been hosting large Las Vegas wedding of 50 or more people for a considerable amount of time, we can answer all your questions pertaining to the topic. We understand that planning a wedding of this size can bring about some confusion, so we are here to clear things up for you, and make planning your big day enjoyable. Let’s take a look at a few questions that have come our way recently:

1. Is a mid to large size Las Vegas wedding difficult to plan?

If you’re planning a wedding yourself, the answer could be yes. Mid to large size weddings, specifically Las Vegas weddings for 50 guests or More, have a lot of moving parts to attend to, making it a bit of challenge for some. However, even if you have invited 100 people to your wedding, if Lakeside Weddings & Events is hosting your big day, it’s not difficult to plan. This is because we do all the planning for you. This is what we do, and we love the fact that it takes all the stress off you and your wedding party. This especially holds true with all inclusive weddings where we take care of your ceremony and reception. To make your wedding plans even easier, you may want to view this informative article – Las Vegas Wedding Ideas for Planning the Perfect Ceremony.

2. Does your Las Vegas indoor wedding chapel accommodate 50-100 guests?

Yes, our elegant wedding chapel can hold 50 or more wedding guests comfortably. Your guests won’t feel crowded and everyone will have a clear view of not only the bride and groom, but also a shimmering lake and lush green garden. If an indoor wedding is what you have your heart set on, you might be interested in reading our How to Choose the Best Las Vegas Wedding Chapel article.

3. I’m having a 50 guest wedding with a large wedding party, where would we all have our hair and makeup done the morning of the wedding?

This is an excellent question that we receive often regarding larger weddings that have many bridesmaids. We work with an outstanding Las Vegas bridal salon located in the Desert Shores area of Summerlin. They can accommodate full wedding parties of any size. They specialize in bridal hair, traditional wedding makeup, as well as airbrush makeup applications. You can check out their bridal hair and makeup options for pricing information. We also invite you to have some fun by viewing our recent post – Choosing Your Updo: 7 Beautiful Las Vegas Wedding Hairstyles.

Great Wedding Planning Resources

We realize that planning a wedding, especially one that has a guest count of 50 or more people, can be a bit overwhelming for some. For this reason, we have gathered a few ceremony and reception resources for you in the hopes that it provides you with some helpful tips for planning your big day.

Have an Unforgettable Las Vegas Ceremony and Reception at Lakeside Weddings & Events!

No matter what size Las Vegas wedding you would like to have – 50 guests, 70 guests, or even 100, Lakeside Weddings & Events can host a beautiful and unforgettable ceremony and reception for you. It’s our specialty and we love catering to the happy couples that come to us to tie the knot! Whether you are in need of a Las Vegas all inclusive wedding, or simply an entertaining reception, we are here for you. Feel free to contact our wedding specialists through our contact page. Or, simply give us a call at (833) 428-0925. We would love to speak to you and be a part of your special day.

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