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Are you drawn to the concept of having a Las Vegas evening wedding and reception, but you’re just not positive if it’s for you? Lakeside Weddings & Events can help you realize that your desire to have a nighttime wedding is justified. Evening weddings in Las Vegas have some fabulous characteristics, and therefore, stand out from the traditional morning and afternoon ceremonies. Our wedding venue located near downtown Vegas specializes in evening weddings. We have a wealth of knowledge on the topic and are here to point out a few reasons why having a Las Vegas evening ceremony can create a dream come true wedding that you and your guests will never forget.

Let’s take a look at what a wedding during the evening hours can do for you on your special day!

Advantages of Having an Evening Wedding in Las Vegas

Weddings that take place in the evening can provide the happy couple with benefits that make it a fantastic option. Additionally, venues such as Lakeside Weddings & Events, are set up to accommodate ceremonies that take place at night. Our venue hosts many evening weddings on a weekly basis. This is because evening weddings are quite popular, especially in the Las Vegas area.

We know you are eager to find out what makes a nighttime wedding so outstanding, so let’s get started by going over four reasons to have a Las Vegas evening wedding:

1. Illuminate Your Ceremony Space with Beautiful Lighting

Reasons to Have a Las Vegas Evening Wedding at Lakeside Weddings and Events
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One special feature of having a Las Vegas evening wedding is that you have more options when it comes to dressing up your space, specifically with lighting. If done correctly, lighting can be an incredible way to create a shimmering fairytale-like wedding, along with providing the photographer with a sensational backdrop. Lighting effects can be considered decor, and there are many ways to utilize them to create the atmosphere you want to achieve.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas for lighting the way to your dream Las Vegas evening wedding!

  • String Lights: These particular lights are commonly used in evening weddings because of their beautiful appearance and ease of use. They can be strung from just about anything to add an accent of delicate lighting. This includes placing them on wedding gazebos, in trees, or any type of greenery. They are also typically used at wedding receptions – strung from ceilings, along windows, the gift or guest book table, and the like.
  • Candles & Lanterns: Since candles, in general, are known to be romantic, they can add a truly romantic touch to your Las Vegas evening wedding. They look especially captivating if placed in tall glass vases – this also prevents the candles from blowing out, as well as adds a safety element. Lanterns are a creative way to light up your night if you are not too much of a candle person. They add a unique and beautiful look to your ceremony.
  • Chandeliers: If your evening wedding and reception will take place indoors, utilizing a venue that dresses their space with chandeliers will ensure your wedding day showcases beauty and elegance. Lakeside Weddings & Events Lakeview Chapel boasts gorgeous chandeliers that look outstanding.
  • Spotlights: This form of wedding lighting is often used to feature something special such as decor you would like to highlight, beautiful landscaping, a path or entranceway.

2. You Have More Time to Prepare with an Evening Wedding

For some, this is the ultimate benefit of having a Las Vegas evening wedding. Your ceremony may be the biggest event of your life, a day that you will need to be well prepared for. The day of the wedding is when some of the most important preparations take place. This, in itself, can put the bride and groom under stress. So, imagine a wedding day where the stress is removed, making way for a memorable day, from start to finish.

Let’s go over what you will have more time for before you begin your walk down the aisle!

  • Sleeping In the Day of Your Wedding: Sleeping in on your big day seems like the worst thing you can do. But, in reality, if you’re having an evening wedding, you won’t have to set your alarm for the crack of dawn. Plus, it’s common for some brides to have a difficult time falling asleep the night before their special day. So, imagine waking up not feeling well from lack of sleep, and looking tired the entire day. The bottom line is that a Las Vegas evening wedding provides for a well-rested day.
  • Extra Time if Things Don’t Go as Planned: A Las Vegas evening wedding can be a lifesaver when things just happen to go wrong. For instance, if you’re scheduled for an early morning wedding, and the ring-bearer has misplaced the ring, or your hairdresser creates a “not so flattering” hairstyle that you want redone, and the like. When your evening wedding is scheduled for 7 PM, you have so much more cushion time for those little or big things that can unexpectedly happen. This extra time will also allow you to double-check that everything is going as planned so that you have a perfect wedding day!
  • The Guests will Appreciate the Additional Time: A night wedding will allow your guests to avoid starting their drive to the ceremony venue at the break of dawn. It will give them more time to get ready, making for a more enjoyable day. Additionally, those coming from out of town can benefit from the extra time if they happen to lose their way.

3. Las Vegas Night Weddings Allow for Perfect Weather

Las Vegas is known to be the wedding capital of the world. It’s also known for its incredibly perfect temperatures in the evenings – typically not too hot and not too cold. This makes for very comfortable weather that you and your wedding guests will enjoy. It’s important to account for the weather when choosing the time of year you would like your wedding to take place. During a few months out of the year, a Las Vegas indoor evening wedding may be more appropriate. Fortunately, when getting married in Las Vegas, the weather allows for outdoor evening weddings most of the year.

A Word About Lakeside Weddings & Events Indoor Evening Ceremonies

If you have your heart set on an evening wedding, but feel that having it indoors will defeat some of the purposes of having a beautiful sunset or moonlight wedding, we have solved that concern. Along with our various outdoor wedding spaces, we also feature our Las Vegas indoor wedding chapel. It’s unlike any chapel in the area. Its walls consist of large glass windows that showcase the night sky glimmering on the lake. So you get the features of an outdoor evening wedding with all the comforts of an indoor ceremony – the best of both worlds. Read through our post on how to find the perfect wedding chapel for a few insider tips.

4. Capture the Romance with a Las Vegas Sunset Wedding

Las Vegas Evening Wedding Ceremony Packages with Lake View Ceremony Venues
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This is a big reason some brides and grooms opt for an evening wedding – Las Vegas has incredible sunsets that can add beautiful and colorful lighting to your ceremony that no man-made lighting can ever create. This can provide you with many advantages for your once in a lifetime event.

One benefit is that the ceremony will be filled with the most incredible lighting you could ever hope for. This, in turn, makes for outstanding wedding photography. You won’t have to worry about your photographer’s ability to create the perfect lighting set up because it will be there naturally. Second, every couple hopes for a romantic atmosphere for their ceremony, and a Las Vegas sunset wedding will guarantee that it happens. Third, if you have always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding, but worry about the sun being too bright, causing you to squint in pictures, or creating harsh lighting on your face, a sunset wedding solves the problem. Sunset lighting provides soft natural lighting that’s easy on the eyes, and perfect for gorgeous photos.

When to Start Your Las Vegas Evening Wedding to Capture the Best of the Sunset

To take advantage of all that nature has to offer you in the way of perfect sunset lighting and colors, we suggest starting your ceremony no later than 30 to 15 minutes before sunset. The timing also depends on how long your ceremony is. It’s best to calculate your timing perfectly so amazing orange, yellow, purple, and other fabulous colors last throughout your ceremony.

Here are two important tips to help you make the best of your sunset wedding:

  • Time the Sun will Set: Most likely, you are planning your wedding out far in advance. If this is the case, you will want to find an online resource that will give you a good indication as to when the sun sets on a particular day and year. Try out this resource that enables you to create a sunset time table for any given year.
  • Check with the Venue First: Before booking your Las Vegas evening wedding, personally speak with a consultant from the venue you are interested in to ensure you are booking a location that works well with a sunset wedding. This is important because you would not want to be set up in an outdoor space that places you in dim lighting from tree shadows, and the like. Lakeside Weddings & Events specializes in sunset weddings and can provide you with all the information needed for a perfectly lit ceremony.

A Few Pages of Inspiration for Those Interested in an Evening Wedding or Reception

We know there is a lot to consider when booking a Las Vegas wedding, that’s why we would like to provide you with these pages of inspiration to get the ball rolling. Our detailed wedding ceremony and reception pages have all the information you would need to make an informed decision as to which direction to go in. Have fun exploring!

You may also want to check out our article on 5 Las Vegas wedding ideas for planning the perfect ceremony.

Las Vegas Evening Wedding Commonly Asked Questions

A lot of brides and grooms are only familiar with daytime weddings. Because of this, it’s understandable that they will have questions pertaining to their Las Vegas evening wedding. Here at Lakeside Weddings & Events, we have years of experience in nighttime weddings, and can therefore answer any questions you may have. To provide you with more insight into evening weddings near downtown Las Vegas, we would like to share some of the questions that have come our way:

1. Should my makeup be different for a night wedding?

Nighttime wedding makeup applications are typically different from daytime makeup. Evening weddings tend to sport more of a dramatic look, with darker shades. You will want to consult with your makeup artist ahead of time to do a test run to ensure you will like the final outcome. We recommend testing out an airbrushed makeup application. It provides a flawless look that will last the length of your ceremony and reception. Additionally, airbrushed makeup allows for more color customizations, which can provide you with the look you’re after.

2. I’m having a Las Vegas evening ceremony, is it appropriate to wear a strapless wedding dress?

Strapless wedding gowns are a timeless tradition that look appropriate no matter what the time of day is. It may seem a strapless dress is more fitting for a daytime wedding, when it’s a bit warmer, but this type of dress works in the evenings also. Additionally, a strapless dress can have an elegant formal look, which is especially appropriate for an evening wedding. Take a look at our wedding photo gallery for some inspiration on strapless wedding dresses.

3. What time should a Las Vegas evening wedding ceremony start?

The answer to this question all really depends on the time of year your wedding takes place. The sun starts to set at different times according to the season. For example, let’s say the sunsets around 6:30 PM. If you are aiming for a sunset wedding, you may want to start the ceremony around 6:15 PM. Your after-ceremony photography can begin immediately following the ceremony, giving your guests time to settle into the reception area, with the reception festivities beginning around 7:30 PM. You can consult with Lakeside Weddings & Events to determine the best start time for your wedding date.

Helpful Wedding & Reception Planning Resources

Sunset Evening Wedding Venue Package in the Las Vegas Area with Lake and Garden Views
Las Vegas Reception Hall Wedding Packages

Planning a wedding can be a bit overwhelming, but if you are working with the right venue, as well as have some helpful resources, planning your big day can actually be fun. With our years of experience in the Las Vegas wedding industry, we have plenty of resources to pass along to you. Take a look at these informative pages to start out on the right path when it comes to planning your evening ceremony:

Have an Unforgettable Las Vegas Evening Wedding!

Now that you know all that an evening wedding can offer, you must be excited to start the planning process! Lakeside Weddings & Events is here for you, to walk you through the process, and answer any questions you may have. From discussing what time is best for a beautiful sunset ceremony, to what special lighting options we offer, we will help you along the way. Contact Lakeside Weddings & Events; we would love to speak with you about your exciting wedding plans. You can also reach us at 833 428-0925. We look forward to hearing from you!

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