Marriage Licenses

You may obtain your marriage license at the Clark County Courthouse.

  • A marriage license can be issued to any male and female person at least 18 years of age; not nearer in kin than second cousins or cousins of half blood.
  • Proof of age may be required.
  • Both parties must present themselves and I.D. (valid driver’s license, passport, etc.) to the Marriage License Bureau at the Clark County Courthouse.
  • For those under the age of 18, special rules apply.
  • Blood tests are NOT required.
  • Fees are $77 cash.
  • To obtain a Marriage License, and have a legal marriage, divorces MUST be final in the state where granted. The date of the final decree and city and state where granted are required.
  • The requirements for non-US citizens are the same as for US citizens.

Contact the Marriage License Bureau for further information: (702) 671-0600

Contact Info

2620 Regatta Dr, Suite 102, Las Vegas, NV 89128
Local: (702) 240-5290 Toll Free: (833) 428-0925

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