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There are many aspects to planning the perfect wedding, but without a doubt, one of the most important elements to a bride can be to ensure that her hair looks stunning! With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the most popular Las Vegas wedding hairstyles, specifically, ceremony updos.

From casual to elegant, you will be sure to fall in love with one of them. See which hairstyle fits your needs and visit a Las Vegas hair salon that specializes in updos for a test run. Once you find the best updo style for your Las Vegas wedding, you can check it off your to-do list.

Picture-Perfect Las Vegas Wedding Hairstyles that are Beyond the Basic Updo

If the perfect Las Vegas wedding hairstyle is your goal, then it will be easy to achieve with one of these beautiful ceremony updos. We cover the most popular styles, which include the chignon, a variety of specialty bun styles, side sweeps, fancy ponytails, and more. Accessories are also a consideration when it comes to dressing up your updo. This can typically include flowers, pearls, lace, diamonds, or just about anything that matches your look and style. Let’s dive in to see which updo hairstyle will be seen at your wedding!

1. Chignon with Delicate Pearl Sprig

Trendy Las Vegas Wedding Venue Ceremony Updo Hairstyle IdeasThe classic chignon wedding hairstyle works well with any hair type, but is especially fitting for women with fine hair. This is due to the fact that the chignon can add volume and depth.

Wedding coordinators for Lakeside Weddings and Events have noticed that the chignon updo is one that is favored by many brides who have tied the knot at their venue.

If you’re wondering what “chignon” means, it’s basically a term for “the nape of the neck”. This popular Las Vegas wedding hairstyle is typically created by forming the hair into a knot close to the bottom of the neck. There are many ways to wear a chignon – from sleek, casual, or elegant, it always looks fabulous. We recommend adding a delicate pearl sprig to create a lovely final touch.

2. Elegant High Swirled Bun

Full Service Las Vegas Wedding Venue Ceremony Updo Hairstyle IdeasIf you’re looking for an updo that’s straight out of a fairytale, then you will want to try this elegant high swirled bun. It’s fit for a princess and will have heads turning at your wedding.

To create this outstanding Las Vegas wedding hairstyle, your salon specialist will start by securing your hair to the top of your head. This can be done with a knot, clip, tie, or other appropriate accessory. Quality products are utilized to make the hair more shapable and reduce fly-a-ways. Sections are then formed into swirl patterns and pinned into place with small clips or bobby pins. A strong finishing spray is used for the final hold.

This ceremony updo should be done by an experienced Las Vegas Wedding hairstylist to ensure a flawless look. Lakeside Bridal Services works with brides on a weekly basis, creating beautiful ceremony updos such as this elegant high swirled bun. You may want to check them out.

3. Artistic Braided Rose Updo

Reception and Ceremony Bridal Updo Hairstyle Examples for Las Vegas Wedding PackagesThis uniquely breathtaking Las Vegas wedding hairstyle is in a class of its own. The basis of this ceremony updo is having the hair form beautiful roses, bordered by side braids.

The artistic braided rose updo, coupled with a rose bouquet that will be held during the ceremony, will create a look that your wedding guests will never forget.

This updo should be created by a professional bridal hair specialist. Having an expert work on your hair will ensure the rose petals are perfectly shaped and held into place securely. The side braids add texture, along with a sophisticated look.

If you’re not positive you would like to sport a Las Vegas wedding hairstyle such as this, take a look at our updo hairstyle page for more information.

4. Low Profile Beehive with Side Sweep

Best Las Vegas Wedding Hairstyles for Ceremony Packages Near the Vegas StripThis Las Vegas ceremony hairstyle takes on a classic look with a twist. It showcases a 1960 style beehive with a low profile so that the height does not become the center of attention, along with a charming side sweep. The final touch is a delicate sheer bow that brings the two elements together.

To achieve the beehive hairstyle, a stylist brings your hair up to the top of your head to form a conical shape that leans backwards. In this case, only one side is pulled up, leaving the other side free to be curled and swept to the side.

This Las Vegas wedding hairstyle provides much volume and body, along with an element of elegance. It’s a style that has been around for generations and found in many wedding albums from the past.

If you’re going to sport a low profile beehive with a side sweep on your big day, be sure to arrange for a wedding photographer to capture this beautiful updo professionally.

5. Textured Low Bun with Side Twists

Updo Hairstyle for Las Vegas Wedding Venues with Ceremony and Reception PackagesIf a traditional bun is a must-have, but you want to dress it up a bit, try a textured low bun with side twists.

This popular ceremony style entails pulling the hair back in strands that are loosely twisted, and then tied in a wide knot. Slightly curled hair is loosely tucked in, and a few curls are left out to add body and bounce.

Leaving two to four long curled sections of hair in the front will perfectly frame the face for a beautiful touch. For adding a decorative element, any clip will do, preferably one made of flowers, pearls, or diamond-like studs.

This Las Vegas wedding updo is classic and will never go out of style. For even more ideas on wedding hairstyles, see the Lakeside Weddings & Events Gallery page.

6. Messy Side Sweep Updo

Las Vegas Wedding Hairstyle Services Near Downtown Vegas for Ceremony and ReceptionsIf you’re looking for an elegant, yet casual hairstyle to impress your wedding guests, then we suggest the messy side sweep updo.

This Las Vegas wedding hairstyle allows beautiful wavy locs to fall gracefully to one side of the face, all while keeping the hair out of your eyes while you say your “I DOs”.

Hair that is not swept to the side is placed in a wide gorgeous bun near the top of the head, which can be tailored to your preferences.

This particular updo works well with layered hair that is long to medium length. Long earrings work perfectly with this hairstyle and accentuate the look.

7. Cascading Ponytail with Flowers

Lakeside Weddings and Events Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Las Vegas Ceremony VenuesIf you have long hair and you want to flaunt it, go with this cascading ponytail wedding updo. It showcases an elegant, pretty, and carefree look all wrapped up into one style.

To replicate this updo, the hair is curled, and loosely pulled back in a band or tie. Long bangs, along with loose hair from each side, are then pulled back and clipped in such a way that the base of the ponytail is covered.

Final touches are done with small clips or bobby pins to button up the hair. Additionally, strong hold hair spray is used to ensure nothing moves out of place for the remainder of the day.

The last step is to adorn the hair with small flowers. Real flowers may be used, but cloth flowers will last longer. If you are set on using fresh flowers, speak to a florist to inquire about which flowers would be best to use.

Helpful Resources for Creating Your Dream Wedding

Make Your Big Day Unforgettable with One of these Fabulous Las Vegas Wedding Hairstyles!

Landing the right hairstyle is essential for completing your wedding day look. Even if it takes trying out several updo styles, it’s well worth it. Also, it would be wise to start testing hairstyles out months in advance so it’s an enjoyable experience. Bring your bridesmaids or friends along with you for some extra fun. We hope you loved one, or a few of our Las Vegas wedding hairstyles. If you have questions regarding popular wedding updos, or inquiries concerning ceremonies or receptions, contact Lakeside Wedding & Events. Their team of professionals would love to help you with the details of your big day!

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