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Lakeside Weddings and Events can help find the lowest cost and location for both your wedding ceremony and reception all while keeping a close distance to downtown Vegas. With each of our venue types, you have the choice between ceremony-only packages or an all-inclusive package, it all depends on your liking and budget requirements. Package options are often optimized by amount of guests, where an additional guest can also be included for a small fee. All of our packages include the following for your big day: your chosen outdoor venue for the ceremony, use of our bridal rooms for prep time, access to our certified wedding consultant, professional photography, rose bouquet/boutonniere and traditional music. If you choose one of our all-inclusive options, you will be sure to also get use of an accompanying banquet hall for your reception, decor which will be completed for you (with your choice of our selection of linen colors), rose table centerpieces, champagne toast, professional DJ, dinner buffet, drink selection, and last but not least a beautiful multi-tier cake. Going for a traditional, all-inclusive, 5-star ceremony with a hint of luxuriousness can still be an affordable goal in 2018!

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There have always been simplistic appeals of getting married near South Summerlin. It’s just the beginning to be able to choose through top wedding chapels and get your marriage license without having to jump through hoops. There is hardly anywhere else with the ability to meet the experience you will remember forever from marriage near South Summerlin. Going for cheap and affordable? Or Luxurious and Elegant? Either way Lakeside can make it happen at Here are some tips we’ve shared specially for newly-engaged couples in the world. You should not overlook all the help loved ones may contribute to your special day, it is important to show that appreciation for them. (Yes this day is still totally about the soon to be married couple) Read through these tips below for ways to express how much your guests mean to you.

1. We understand you will be in a constant hectic and busy state, however try to make time to visit each table giving personal thanks with hugs or any other forms of thanks.

2. This might seem as if the spotlight is drifting from the bride a bit, but don’t forget your bridesmaids need love too! Even a small gesture will mean the biggest thank you to all they’ve helped with for this day.

3. A favorite of everyone’s on this romantic day takes place at the alter with “the big kiss”. Make it count.

4. This might seem as a #1 to some but, take it slow with the drinks as this is a night you definitely want to remember.

5. Greeting guests together as a couple is a great start to your new chapter as one.

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Getting engaged goes down as one of those exciting, life-changing moments in life, while also being a very busy time in their life to plan wedding services and such. This is often a reason why people tend to take a year or so to plan for the engagement and the wedding. It all starts with a wedding budget, which helps you decide what you are willing to spend on the services you’re looking for. A larger budget to work with means more ability to hire others to do the grunt work for you like a wedding planner, or doing it more on your own for those with a tighter budget. For those becoming more stressed about planning their wedding as the days pass, look no further. These tips can help get you started in the right direction of focus to plan the big day out.

  1. Find a wedding planning buddy, whether its an official planner, trusted loved on, or both.
  2. Set a reasonable yet decent budget to spend.
  3. Begin your search for venue locations.
  4. Shop around for potential catering services you may have your eye on.
  5. Look into any live musicians you can get.
  6. Keep an eye out for any potential deals and bargains on dresses/suits.
  7. Don’t forget the photographer! These will be moments captured forever.
  8. Above all, remember to relax and have fun for your big day.

Weddings are a special and memorable time in a newly engaged couples’ life, but should also be a stress-free event as long as you budget your time.

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Planning you wedding is one of the most challenging tasks that you are ever going to have to accomplish in your life. There are so small details that need to be covered in order to make your big day as dreamy as you have imagined it to be. Lakeside Weddings and Events is here to help you accomplish all of the tasks without losing your mind! If you take the time to follow some of these tips you are sure to have a less stressful time focused on getting your wedding planned. Yes, you can end up with the wedding day of your dreams. Enjoy this time and savor memories this big day will create for the rest of your life.

First off, start planning early since it will only mean more time to fix any mistakes down the road. Chose the accommodations. (How can you choose the accommodations?) Interview the caterer to get more information on prices, size limit, etc. Find your dream cake designer withing your budget. Choose a beautician for your/bridesmaids makeup and hair. Find reliable transportation to and from reception/ceremony (if different locations). Keep an open mind. Yes it is your special day but a less stressful wedding means one where you are willing to not obsess over the little things that distract from the main dream. Lastly, as always have fun!

History: South Summerlin, or also known as Summerlin South, is in Clark County Nevada, on the west side edge of the Las Vegas Valley. This town is named for its southward extension of the master community of Summerlin. Most of Summerlin South follows the zip code 89135. In a 2010 Census, the population reached around 24,085 people. South Summerlin is known as one of the most high class neighborhoods in the Las Vegas Valley, some might even say in the country as a whole. This area includes upscale villages within Summerlin, including The Ridges, a neighborhood of vast mansions. There’s not much else that will beat going for a swim on a hot Nevada day, walking through this community seeing others in large swimming pools enjoying the area.

The Strip: This unique and ever-growing section of Las Vegas remains a curiosity of a city amongst others in the U.S. Las Vegas is widely known for “The Strip”, an adult equivalent to a child’s dream theme park, with its famous world locations replicated in a hotel/casino. For example, there’s King Tut’s tomb or Downtown New York/Paris. Most of these sites in the strip are actually second generation as older versions keep getting torn down to keep up with modern trending fantasies for the constant flow of tourism.

Weather: Summerlin holds a toasty desert climate, which makes sense as it lies within the Mojave Desert. Thanks to its high elevation (around 3,000 to 3,500 feet) however, Summerlin is always cooler than downtown areas like downtown Las Vegas or The Strip. Clear skies with plenty of sunshine are typical year-round here, with an exceptional low dew point/low humidity days here and there in each season.

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Directions From Summerlin South

  1. Take Golden Willow Ln to Spotted Leaf Ln
  2. Turn right onto Hammerwood Dr
    Restricted usage road
  3. Turn left onto Groombridge Pl
  4. Turn left onto Golden Willow Ln
  5. Take Co Rd 215 N/Clark County 215 N and W Cheyenne Ave to Breakwater Dr in Las Vegas
  6. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto S Pavilion Center Dr
  7. Turn left onto W Sahara Ave
  8. Turn right at the 2nd cross street onto Hughes Park Dr E (signs for Clark County 215 N)
  9. Use the right lane to take exit 30 for Cliff Shadows Pkwy/Cheyenne Ave
  10. Turn right onto W Cheyenne Ave
  11. Turn right onto N Rampart Blvd
  12. Turn left onto Lazarette Dr
  13. Turn right onto N Harbor Island Dr
  14. Continue on Breakwater Dr. Drive to Regatta Dr