Wedding Plans? How Much Input Should The Groom Have?

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Wedding Plans? How Much Input Should The Groom Have?

If you have ever watched one of the many wedding shows on TV, you will have probably noticed that it is the bride who seems to get all the attention. It’s easy to forget that there are two people involved in the big day, as the groom always seems to be shifted into a secondary role. This all begs the question as to how much input the groom should have when the wedding is being planned. The reality here is that it may depend on the groom. Some men will want to have a role in everything during the planning process, while others are happy to leave it to the bride. That said, there are some things that every groom should be a part of.

The most obvious wedding service that the groom should be included in is the selection of the venue. It really is important that the bride and groom are on the same page when it comes to picking the place where the wedding and the reception will be held. If you have hired a wedding planner to help with finding a venue that suits your vision of the big day, then you may have several options to choose from. Both of you need to be on the same page with your selection, after which the groom can assume other tasks that are important to the wedding day.

Since the bride gets to select her dress, as well as those of the bridesmaids, it is only fair that the groom has a say in what he and his groomsmen get to wear. After all, it is important that the groom be as comfortable as the bride on the big day, which means allowing him to pick out the suit that makes him feel his very best. Of course, the colors and style of the suit should still fall in line with the overall theme of the wedding.
The entertainment for the reception is also something that the groom may enjoy arranging. Again, this is something that you will both want to agree on, but you both probably have a very good idea of what your expectations are in terms of entertainment, so this is a task that any groom should be able to accomplish. It may also be a good idea to leave the location of the honeymoon in the hands of the groom. It will serve as a nice surprise for the bride to whisked away to some unknown location once the business of the big day has been taken care of.

All the things that we have discussed in this piece are really nothing more than suggestions. You and your partner should sit down before the planning begins and decide which duties each of you will take on. Alternatively, you can leave all the details in the hands of a wedding planner, although you should be very clear on what you expect from your wedding professional before they start the hard work.