Is A Wedding Planner A Necessary Service For Your Big Day?

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Do I Need A Wedding Planner If I Am Having A Traditional Wedding Ceremony?

The excitement of your proposal can quickly wear off when you see just how much work needs to be done to put together the wedding of your dreams. The future bride and groom might even have some minor arguments along the way, simply because there are so many decisions to be made, not all of which they will agree on. Things get even tougher when the future bride and groom are trying to work full-time jobs and maintain a busy schedule while they make those plans for their big day. It is possible to avoid the stress and bickering by searching for the right wedding service provider, but is that something you need to do?


There are several things to consider before you answer that question, the most important of which is whether a wedding planner is even feasible on your budget. The prices charged by planners can vary widely. While some settle on a flat fee based on the number of services they are delivering, other wedding planners will set a fee that falls around 5-10% of your total budget. If the quoted price is affordable for you, the next thing you need to decide is whether the service provided is worth the money…Learn More

The things provided by wedding service providers varies from place to place, which is why it is always wise to talk to several different planners in your area before signing a contract. Once you get an idea of what you are getting for your money, you can then make an informed decision as to whether a wedding planner is what you need for your big day.

Most planners have a laundry list of services that they provide, but some services are common across the board. You can expect your planner to coordinate dates and times with the venues and deliveries (food, flowers, photographer, entertainment, etc.) arriving on your wedding day. They can also arrange transportation for you and your guests, and some will even book accommodations for friends and family coming in from out of town.  A wedding planner can also ensure that your venue is decorated to suit your specific needs, as well as taking care of all the other little details at the reception area.

The best way to see if a wedding planner can take care of the things you are stressing about is to arrange a meeting with three or four in your area. Meeting with the planner not only allows you to get an idea of the cost and the services provided, but it will also allow you to see if you get along. A wedding planner works to make sure that your big day is as close to your dream as possible, but they will also feel a bit like your best friend if you choose the right one. A good planner is someone that you will trust like a friend, and who you know will do all that they can to make sure that your special day is exactly as you imagined it.