Top Advantages of Having a Las Vegas Morning Wedding

Benefits of a Las Vegas Early Morning Wedding for Ceremony Only and All Inclusive Packages

If you’re engaged and just starting the planning process, have you considered a Las Vegas morning wedding, as opposed to an afternoon or evening affair? It’s worth throwing the idea around because there are actually many advantages that go along with a wedding before noon – not only do morning weddings offer gorgeous sunlight-filled photos, but they can also be more cost-effective, which are two elements that can really enhance a wedding. But these are just a few benefits, there are more that you will want to learn about, and Lakeside Weddings & Events is here to share them with you. So, be sure to keep reading to find out why choosing a morning wedding is truly worth considering when you’re going to tie the knot in this popular wedding destination.

Top Reasons For Having a Morning Wedding When Getting Married In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Wedding Packages for Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Ceremonies and Receptions
Las Vegas Ceremony Only Packages

According to popular opinion, the preferred time to get married is usually in the late afternoon, around 4-5 pm. But who says we have to stick to the norm? Just because an afternoon or evening wedding is perfect for some couples, doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. Morning weddings are becoming more and more popular these days though, mostly because of the great benefits this time slot can offer.

And when it comes to the actual time of a morning wedding, don’t worry, it’s not too early – 10 am is typical with most wedding venues. So why not consider saying your “I DOs” in the early hours? If you’re not convinced yet, the information below will help you uncover some significant advantages of having a morning ceremony.

Morning Weddings Can Be More Cost-Effective & Budget Friendly

Choosing to have a morning wedding can be a more cost-effective option for several reasons. For instance, some venues offer lower prices for morning bookings, with evening weddings costing a bit more, especially on peak days and seasons. This not only applies to the venue itself but can also extend to other services such as photographers and DJs who may offer discounted rates for morning events. But for those getting married at Lakeside Weddings, a reception DJ and a wedding photographer are actually included in the packages, which allows you to have a more affordable Las Vegas wedding. Additionally, Lakeside Weddings & Receptions offer some fabulous wedding specials that you can take advantage of as well, bringing the cost of your special day down even further.

Another point worth considering is that guests tend to drink less alcohol in the morning or early afternoon, as compared to late afternoon and evening events, which can dramatically cut down the bar costs. This can also allow you to avoid having an expensive open bar since it may not be needed. When it comes down to it, for brides on a tight budget, every penny counts, so a morning ceremony can be the perfect solution to cut some costs. While we’re on the topic, if you would like to know more about how much a Las Vegas wedding may cost, then be sure to dive into our post on the topic.

Enjoy Cooler Temperatures During an Early Las Vegas Ceremony

One important benefit of having a morning wedding in Las Vegas is that it allows you to avoid the hottest part of the day. But no matter where your wedding takes place, in Las Vegas, New York City, or some other location, temperatures normally peak in the afternoon, so by having a morning ceremony, you can enjoy cooler weather. This is better overall for you and your guest’s comfort level, as well as for your wedding makeup which tends to stay intact longer in cooler conditions.

Also, a slightly cooler climate pairs well with the tranquil breezes you will experience at our Lake Wedding Venue, ensuring a perfect temperature for your Las Vegas ceremony. Lakeside Weddings offers several outdoor ceremony locations on the lake’s edge, this includes Swan Garden which boasts a large ceremony gazebo, Grand Garden that features a stunning garden courtyard, and Heritage Garden with its cascading ivy-entwined arches that create a beautiful walkway to the altar. You also have the option of utilizing our temperature-controlled wedding chapel that offers indoor and outdoor options, and you can take a closer look at this venue by heading over to our Lakeview Chapel main page – we know you will fall in love with it!

Optimal Ceremony Lighting & More Time for Post-Wedding Photos

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Having an early wedding leaves plenty of time for photos after the wedding reception. This is because your event will end early afternoon, giving you the rest of the day to take more wedding photos while there’s still light. If you know the venue will need you to leave immediately after the reception, you can plan ahead by mapping out a location or two for stunning photos in the Las Vegas area. At this point, after the reception, there’s no timeline or rush, so it’s a great opportunity to enjoy a photo shoot.

In addition to having more time after the reception, it’s worth mentioning that early morning weddings can offer optimal lighting during outdoor ceremonies. This is possible due to the fact that the morning light is softer than mid to late afternoon. Since most Las Vegas morning weddings start around 10 am, there’s no chance of taking advantage of the colors that the sunrise offers. However, if you’re stuck on tying the knot with stunning colors from nature, you might be more interested in booking an evening wedding to be able to catch the sunset. If you’re not sure, then check out our post on sunset weddings to learn more about what this type of ceremony can offer you, especially when it comes to your wedding photography.

To see just how beautiful your ceremony can be, we recommend taking a sneak peek at one of our gorgeous gazebo wedding venues by watching our Heritage Garden video below:

Getting Married in the Morning Means You Have the Rest of the Day Free

Morning weddings are not just about the romantic ambiance or the gorgeous lighting perfect for wedding photos – there is more to it than that. For instance, one significant advantage is that booking an early morning wedding package such as this leaves the rest of the day free for you and your guests to explore the famous Las Vegas Strip. Post-wedding, your party can immerse themselves in the unique experiences that this fabulous city has to offer. And for those who have never visited this city, the Las Vegas Strip is not only about the casinos and neon lights that you see in the movies. Here, you’ll find world-class restaurants, tons of shopping destinations, and entertainment options that range from Broadway-style shows to high-energy nightclubs.

Having a Las Vegas morning wedding leaves the rest of the day open for a flexible, spontaneous itinerary. Whether it’s lounging by a pool, sipping cocktails, or simply strolling hand-in-hand down the strip, the city provides so many opportunities to create cherished memories with your new spouse and loved ones. The bottom line is that a morning ceremony in the wedding capital of the world truly offers the best of both worlds – a romantic lake wedding and a day filled with excitement and exploration.

Common Questions Regarding Las Vegas Morning Weddings

No matter what type of wedding a couple has, a large ceremony, or a small gathering, they will most likely have some inquiries to ensure they’re on the right path to planning the perfect ceremony. This especially applies to those having a Las Vegas morning wedding. Because of this, we have included a few of our most popular questions on the topic to get you started. Also, if you have any questions of your own, feel free to contact us.

What type of food is best suited for a morning wedding reception?

You won’t have to worry about serving breakfast at your reception because most ceremonies that start around 10 am to 11 am, will have a light lunch or brunch reception afterwards. At this point, your meal would be served fairly close to lunchtime, so the venue’s regular lunch menu should work just fine.

Take a look at the Lakeside Weddings lunch buffet for a few examples:

  • Mixed Greens w/ Cherry Tomatoes & House Dressing
  • Waldorf Salad – Fresh Leaf Lettuce Topped with a Mixture of Apples, Walnuts,
    Celery and Grapes in a Sweet Creamy Dressing
  • Three-Cheese Ziti – Available with Either No Meat, Chicken, or Ground Beef
  • Chicken Alfredo – Grilled Chicken Breast on Bowtie Pasta Tossed with Alfredo
  • Steamed Seasonal Vegetables w/ Lemon Zest
  • Penne Pasta w/ Lemon Pepper Alfredo Sauce

What is the biggest disadvantage of getting married in the morning?

One potential disadvantage of holding a wedding in the morning could be the early start time it takes for preparations. The bride, groom, their families, and the wedding party might need to wake up at dawn to get ready, which could lead to exhaustion later in the day. Additionally, guests who are not morning individuals might find it challenging to attend, especially those traveling from distant locations. To counter this, many couples opt to have their wedding ceremonies in the late morning. Additionally, guests can compensate by staying in a hotel near the wedding venue the night before, and when you’re getting married in Las Vegas, the hotel options are endless.

Resources for Your Ceremony & Reception Near the Vegas Strip

Advantages of Having a Las Vegas Morning Wedding
Las Vegas Reception Only Packages

Putting a wedding together can be a big task! Because of this, we understand how time-consuming it can be to organize all of the details, especially when you’re trying to arrange a perfect ceremony and reception. That’s why Lakeside Weddings & Events is here to help; we are passionate about providing resources for the happy couples that come to us so that we can make the planning process easier.

Whether you’re looking for information on wedding flowers, or you’re seeking out advice on locating the best wedding chapel in the Las Vegas area, we have what you need. With that in mind, dive into the pages below that interest you the most. And if you don’t see the topic you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to our helpful team.

Lakeside Weddings Can Beautifully Host Your Las Vegas Morning Wedding!

If you would like to take advantage of all a morning wedding has to offer, then be sure to get in touch with Lakeside Weddings & Events so we can help you plan a beautiful ceremony. Our team has extensive experience with morning, afternoon, and evening weddings here in the Las Vegas area, so you can be sure that your special day will run smoothly, as well as exceed your expectations. We have several morning wedding packages and can help you select the one that’s best for you – give us a call at 702 240-5290 or contact us online – we would be more than happy to assist you and help you create your dream-come-true wedding day!

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