Tips for Having a Large Las Vegas Wedding

Tips on How to Plan a Large Las Vegas Wedding

It goes without saying that planning a big ceremony and reception requires much thought and must be well organized. Because Lakeside Weddings & Events realizes this, we are here to help you along the way with a few essential tips for having a large Las Vegas wedding. From the venue you choose to your budget, carefully planning ahead can make all the difference in achieving a beautiful wedding day that you and your guests will never forget. So let’s dive in and find out what you need to know to make your wedding a success, as well as fun to plan!

Best Tips for Putting Together a Large Las Vegas Wedding

If you have 75 to 100, or more friends, coworkers, and relatives that you would like to attend your wedding, but you’re not sure how to plan for such a large group, don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as you have imagined it to be. Whether you’re having a morning, afternoon, or evening wedding, or even an indoor or outdoor ceremony, the key is to be organized and just plan one step at a time. It’s also worth mentioning that large weddings take place every day that turn out to be picture-perfect. We know this because we take part in the planning to ensure everything goes smoothly, and this is how we are able to provide you with the right tips for having a wedding of this size.

Start with the Guest List to Determine How Big Your Wedding Will Actually Be

Big Las Vegas Wedding Planning Tips for Ceremony and Reception
Planning a Large Las Vegas Wedding

If you’re having a large wedding, we’re guessing you have a guest count in mind, maybe 75 to 100, or perhaps 200. It’s important to know your number upfront because planning for 75 guests will be different than 200, and the guest count is said to be the foundation of the ceremony and reception planning. Why is this the case? Because your guest count will determine so many things, such as the cost, the size of the venue you’ll need, the package, and more. So starting with your wedding guest list is essential and worth dedicating time to when beginning your Las Vegas wedding planning journey.

When determining who will attend, create two lists, an “A” and a “B” list. The “A” listers are the “must-attends” like close family and friends, and important coworkers. The “B” list will have distant relatives, friends that you’re not in touch with as often, and coworkers that you’re not close to but you know they would appreciate the invite.

Now, once your “A” list is complete, if you have more room, you can start to transfer some of those “B” listers over to the main list. Also, those on the “B” list can be on reserve if it turns out that some of the preferred guests can’t make it. Once the list is completed, you’ll have your final number and can start to work on the next phase of the wedding planning process.

Create Your Wedding Budget for 75 to 100 Guests or More

The words “budget” and “large Las Vegas wedding”, when put together, can seem a bit scary. But it certainly doesn’t have to be when you have some helpful tips for keeping your budget in range. With your guest count finalized, you can begin working on budgeting your ceremony and reception, and you may want to start the process by taking a look at our post titled How Much Does a Las Vegas Wedding Cost?

Many brides and grooms already have a certain amount of money allocated towards their wedding from the start. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to figure out, based on the number of people who will be attending, how your money will be dispersed.

Make a list of all the elements of your big day, such as photography, wedding venue, transportation, reception menu, dress, wedding flowers, even your bridal hair and makeup, and carefully work all the items into your budget to ensure you have enough for all the must-haves. This is essential when you’re having a big Las Vegas wedding; you wouldn’t want to go over budget and have to cut corners on your special day. And for those of you who are worried about the cost, you’ll want to take a look at our Wedding Specials page that offers affordable packages.

Wedding Coordinators are Essential for Large Las Vegas Ceremonies & Receptions

We suggest making sure you have a coordinator if you’re guest count is on the large side. This is important because big ceremonies and wedding receptions have a lot of moving parts that can be overwhelming to coordinate by yourself. You’ll want to enjoy your special day and not be stressed trying to make sure everything is in place at the right time. And with 75 to over 100 guests, you’ll certainly be busy mingling with friends and family; you simply won’t have time to make arrangements during your wedding day.

When couples get married at Lakeside Weddings & Events, our ceremony and reception packages come complete with a professional wedding planner that can take care of all the details for you – big and small. They will ensure everything goes as planned so you won’t even have to think about it.

Book a Wedding Venue Near the Vegas Strip that fits Your Guest Count

Venue Packages for in Las Vegas for Large Weddings Near the Strip
Las Vegas Lakefront Wedding Packages

Most brides and grooms getting married in Las Vegas, especially those who plan large weddings, prefer to book a venue near the Vegas Strip. This is because couples realize that they can, as well as their guests, have some fun the following day; shopping, catching a show, hitting the casinos, and so on. Our venue is close to the Strip and that’s just one reason why so many couples book their big day with us.

But what’s most important about settling on a wedding venue if you’re having a big ceremony and reception, is finding a place that has large enough spaces to comfortably fit all your guests. In addition to this, it’s a great idea to tour a venue that has indoor and outdoor wedding options. Lakeside Weddings not only has Las Vegas ceremony and reception spaces for large parties, but we also have beautiful indoor venues too, as well as stunning outdoor ceremony locations, and these are lakefront wedding venues, which makes us one of the most popular wedding venues in the Las Vegas area.

The Venue Should Have Ceremony & Reception Spaces in One Location

When it comes to finding the best Las Vegas venue for your large wedding, you’ll definitely want to ensure that the ceremony and reception spaces are within the same location and within walking distance of one another. This is crucial because just imagine 75 to 150 people getting in their cars after the ceremony, driving around in a location they are unfamiliar with, trying to locate an offsite reception venue. This can turn out to be stressful, not only for your guests, but also for the bride and groom.

Having your guests go to a Las Vegas reception venue that is only steps away from the ceremony site is called perfect planning! Plus, when you’re able to stay within the same location, it leaves more time for you and your wedding party to have your photographer take post-ceremony photos. If you would like to get an idea of just how close the ceremony and reception venues are to one another at Lakeside Weddings & Events, then be sure to check out our video tours page.

But for now, take a sneak peek at our Swan Garden wedding venue for some inspiration:


You can also view our image galleries for a chance to see other couples who had a ceremony and reception at our Las Vegas wedding venue:

Choose a Large All Inclusive Package that Takes Care of All the Details

Now, when it comes to choosing a package that makes having a big wedding in Las Vegas easy, you’ll want to go with an all inclusive package that takes care of every detail of your special day for you. In addition to this option seamlessly making all the wedding arrangements, booking a package such as this conveniently bundles the ceremony and reception costs together so everything is included in one affordable price.

It’s important to consider an all inclusive package when so many people will be attending your wedding because it can be confusing if you’re trying to figure out all the details yourself. All inclusive packages take the stress out of the wedding planning so you can focus on what’s important – the one you love, as well as your guests. Take a moment to check out Lakeside Weddings & Events packages for larger weddings:

Grand Garden Large All Inclusive Wedding Packages

Heritage Garden Large All Inclusive Wedding Packages

Swan Garden Large All Inclusive Wedding Packages

Lakeside Weddings Commonly Asked Questions

Because of the number of weddings that we host each year, we receive many questions from our brides and grooms. So, as you can imagine, we have a list of helpful questions and answers that we can provide to you, and this includes inquiries for those who would like to book a large wedding at our venue. Below you’ll find a few of our most popular questions:

Do you have a reception hall designed for large wedding parties?

We not only have a large reception hall, but we have two – our Swan Banquet Hall and Grand Atrium. Both have beautiful lake and garden views and a modern design. Here are a few more details on both of these elegant reception halls:

  • Swan Banquet: This banquet hall is our largest and can accommodate up to 225 wedding guests. It boasts crystal chandeliers, and a beautiful glass solarium with romantic twinkle lighting. It also features a built-in dance floor and built-in bar. You can view our Swan Banquet Image Gallery to see just how elegant it really is.
  • Grand Atrium: Accommodates up to 130 wedding guests and also sports a built-in dance floor as well as a two-sided built-in bar. In addition to this, Grand Atrium showcases contemporary iron accents, romantic Edison ceiling lighting, and modern crown molding throughout. Be sure to see our Grand Atrium Image Gallery for a personal tour.

Also, feel free to check out our main Reception Hall page for more details on what you have to look forward to!

Do your large Las Vegas ceremony sites have a wedding gazebo?

Yes, our three outdoor ceremony sites that were designed for big wedding parties have beautiful gazebos on site. This includes Swan Garden, Heritage Garden, as well as Grand Garden. Take a few minutes to check out our Gazebo Packages page for some inspiration on this type of wedding.

Swan Garden is our largest ceremony gazebo. This location, as well as Heritage and Grand,  are all located at the edge of a sparkling blue lake, as well as set within a lush green garden. The gazebos are ivy-entwined and can be decorated to personalize them with such items as flowers, sashes, ribbons, string lighting, and more. When you have a gazebo wedding, it sets the stage for a romantic and charming ceremony. We recommend considering a sunset gazebo wedding, which would be sure to impress your guests and makes for a picture-perfect atmosphere.

Las Vegas Wedding Day Resources

Huge Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony Spaces in the Summerlin Desert Shores Area
Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Packages

Whether you’re planning a large Las Vegas wedding, or even a small wedding with just a few guests, you can benefit from reading over helpful information from a reliable source. With that said, Lakeside Weddings & Events has gathered our most popular pages to give you a head start in the planning process. You’ll find information and tips on wedding cakes, as well as ceremony and reception packages, and details on how to obtain your marriage license, and more. Dive into the links below for even more details on wedding planning:

We Love Hosting Big Las Vegas Weddings – It’s Our Specialty!

Lakeside Weddings & Events hosts large Las Vegas weddings every week of the year. Because of this, we have the experience to make your ceremony and reception a day you’ll never forget. Additionally, our wedding planners and staff are here to make sure every detail is taken care of, and our lakeside ceremony and reception venues are everything you could hope for.

We can provide you with a complete package that will make all your wedding dreams come true. See for yourself just how good we are by heading over to our awards and reviews page! Also, feel free to contact our full-service wedding venue if you would like to book one of our large packages, or if you just have questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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