Planning a Las Vegas Wedding for Two

Romantic Las Vegas Wedding Ceremonies for Two Near Downtown Vegas

If you and the one you love would like to have a Las Vegas wedding for two, but don’t know where to begin, we have the information you need to make your dream wedding come true! Las Vegas is famous for performing ceremonies where only the bride and groom are present. It’s what makes getting married in this city so well-known, and a perfect place to tie the knot, just the two of you!

In this article, we will discuss your options for getting married at the most popular wedding destination in Las Vegas – Lakeside Weddings & Events. Let’s dive into all the details so you can start planning your Las Vegas wedding!

Las Vegas Ceremony Venue Options for a Wedding Party of Two


Lakeside Weddings and Events Small Las Vegas Wedding Venue Packages for Bride and Groom
Las Vegas Ceremony Packages for Two

Lakeside Weddings & Events in the beautiful Desert Shores area of Summerlin provides an elegant wedding venue for those seeking to have a ceremony just for two. Couples from all over the United States, as well as different parts of the world, come to our wedding venue in Las Vegas to say their I DOs.

We are a full-service wedding venue that can take care of every detail for you. There is nothing better than having a stress-free wedding, in the most beautiful city of Nevada, by planning a simple, two person ceremony. With that in mind, we would like to cover, in detail, our wedding venue options for those who want to have a Las Vegas wedding for two people only. This would include options for an indoor or outdoor ceremony, what’s included, pricing, and more.

Let’s begin and take a look at what you and the one you love will have to look forward to when you plan a two person ceremony in the wedding capital of the world!

1. Indoor Ceremony – You Can Have a Traditional Chapel Wedding with No Guests

Most couples feel they have to settle for less when they have a two person wedding with no guests. They picture a scene that may look similar to those getting married in a courthouse, just signing the marriage documents. This can’t be further from the truth. You can have a wedding that is just as beautiful as a full wedding that has many guests. In fact, you can even have a beautiful, traditional, chapel wedding when you get married at Lakeside Weddings & Events, even with only 2 people. Our Lakeview Chapel is like no other in the Vegas area, and can provide you with a chapel setting that will exceed your expectations.

Our outstanding wedding chapel boasts breathtaking views of Lake Jacqueline, and also sports beautiful garden views. It showcases floor to wall glass windows, elegant chandeliers, and wide-open doors with peaceful lake breezes. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect location to get married in Las Vegas when it’s just the two of you.

For all the details on Lakeview Chapel, take a look at our Las Vegas wedding chapel packages page. In the meantime, you can view a summary of inclusions below:

Indoor Wedding Chapel Package Inclusions for Two Only

Lakeside Weddings & Events takes care of all your ceremony needs with incredible Las Vegas wedding package inclusions for your two person chapel ceremony – from wedding music to flowers, we have got you covered.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can enjoy when you get married in our Lakeview Chapel:

  • Full assistance from our professional Las Vegas wedding coordinator.
  • We provide a licensed minister that can perform your ceremony (minister is paid separately).
  • For two person weddings, we supply you with ceremony witnesses.
  • Traditional wedding music will be played as you walk down the aisle.
  • Large glass doors adjacent to the wedding altar provide a lovely lake view backdrop.
  • Elegant chandeliers grace the chapel and add beautiful lighting.
  • Full floor to ceiling glass windows that allow for incredible lake and garden views.
  • A photographer will take professional two person wedding images – packages available for purchase.
  • We provide you with essential floral credits to dress up your wedding day.

2. Outdoor Ceremony – A Las Vegas Wedding for the Bride & Groom Only

When it comes to outdoor weddings, Lakeside Weddings & Events is known to be the best wedding venue in Las Vegas to tie the knot. Our outdoor ceremony sites are located right on the edge of Lake Jacqueline, in a lush green garden setting. Additionally, our Las Vegas wedding venue has several charming gazebos that add an element of romance. You really couldn’t ask for a more beautiful setting.

Outstanding Las Vegas Outdoor Ceremony Only Packages for Two


Small Intimate Las Vegas Wedding Venue Packages for the Bride and Groom Only
Wedding Packages for the Bride and Groom

If your heart is set on an outdoor lake wedding in Las Vegas, we have several venue locations and packages that are perfect for a two person wedding. Our wedding packages cover all that’s needed to have an unforgettable ceremony – from floral credits to a photographer, you will be well taken care of at our full-service Las Vegas wedding venue.

View a sample of what will be included with your Lakeside Weddings & Events ceremony package for two:

  • Use of one of our beautifully decorated lakeside wedding ceremony venues.
  • Our venue provides ceremony witnesses for wedding parties of two.
  • We play traditional wedding music as you walk down the aisle.
  • Your Las Vegas wedding package for two people includes floral credits. Learn more about wedding flowers in our recent post – Tips for Choosing the Best Flowers for Your Las Vegas Wedding.
  • The use of our professional photographer is included, and will give you the option to purchase various photography packages.
  • A Lakeside Wedding & Events ceremony coordinator will assist you every step of the way.

View our ceremony packages by location that are best for a Las Vegas wedding for two:

You may also want to take a look at our main wedding packages page to see all that Lakeside Weddings & Events has to offer.

Lakeside Weddings & Events Ceremony for Two Q&A

You may feel that planning a wedding for two is not as common, and therefore, need some advice. Weddings where only the bride and groom are present, are actually quite common, but we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Here are some typical questions that have come our way:

1. Will I look out of place if I wear an elegant wedding dress if it’s just the two of us?

Some brides feel that it might be “too much” to wear the beautiful full wedding dress that you often see in mid to large size weddings, if only one other person will be present. This is not true at all! This is your once in a lifetime wedding, a day where you shine and look and feel stunning. Plus, you will want fabulous wedding photos to share with everyone who did not attend. A gorgeous dress will make your wedding photos look outstanding. Lakeside Weddings & Events has been hosting two person ceremonies for years, and 9 times out of 10, the bride is wearing a lovely traditional wedding dress.

2. If just the two of us attend the wedding, is it considered an elopement?

Eloping, in the past, was typically when a couple runs off to get married without the consent of family, especially their parents. During this era, couples were getting married at much younger ages, which adds to the reasons for eloping to avoid any roadblocks from those who may disapprove.

In today’s day and age, the definition of an elopement has changed. Although the previous definition still applies, couples are now also considering a small intimate wedding an elopement. In this version, you can still have the traditional engagement period, extensive planning, but at the same time, just invite a few people, or have it be just the two of you.

3. What are a few advantages of having a Las Vegas wedding for two only?

Small Romantic Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony Packages for Two With Lake and Garden Views
Small Romantic Las Vegas Sunset Wedding

Every couple has their own reasons for wanting it to just be the two of them on their wedding day, but there are some common themes when it comes to why. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

  • You Would Rather Not Be the Center of Attention: If you are one to not like all the attention on you, no matter what the occasion, a wedding just for two may be more your speed. If you plan a wedding with 100 guests, 100 people will be focused on you and your significant other. Just planning on having it be the two of you will allow you to be more relaxed, focus on each other, and enjoy your wedding day.
  • Planning a Destination Wedding: If you will be getting married in Las Vegas, but would rather not ask all your guests to drive there and have to make hotel accommodations, then a bride and groom only wedding may be right for you. However, you might just find that your guests would love to plan a trip to Las Vegas. There are fabulous hotels all around, entertaining shows, and fun casinos!
  • Saving Your Money: If you’re on a budget and would rather not spend all your savings on a large wedding, it may be wise to not invite guests. This will free up money for other things you have in mind like that must-have, more expensive wedding dress. Or, maybe you want your savings to go towards the down payment of a house, and so on.

Additional Resources for Las Vegas Weddings

If you’re planning on having a Las Vegas wedding with no guests, or even if you change your mind and invite a few friends and family, these resources will be extremely helpful:

Lakeside Weddings & Events Specializes in Las Vegas Weddings for Two

If you are dreaming of a Las Vegas wedding for two only, we can beautifully make it happen. Lakeside Weddings & Events can help you create your dream come true ceremony that will be just as romantic and unforgettable as you imagine it will be. We offer sensational lake views that make saying your I DOs at our Las Vegas venue a must! If you would like to move forward with planning your big day, let one of our specialists know by contacting Lakeside Weddings & Events online. Or, give us a call at (702) 240-5290. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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