Planning a Las Vegas Small Intimate Wedding

Plan a Small Intimate Wedding Ceremony in Las Vegas with Affordable Venue Packages

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, but a Las Vegas small intimate wedding seems to be a popular choice. Why is this the case? Well, it can all depend on a couple’s situation and preferences. Some love the idea of having the ability to lower the cost of their special day, while others desire to just gather with close family and friends. No matter what your reason for wanting a smaller wedding, Lakeside Weddings & Events has the experience to help you plan an unforgettable, dream come true wedding.

Plan a Fabulous Las Vegas Small Intimate Wedding

Las Vegas is known for being a place where you can run off to and have the smallest of weddings. It doesn’t matter if it’s just you and your loved one, or if you bring along a small group of family and friends, you can still have a wedding day that’s just as sensational as a large-scale wedding. We realize that no matter how big or small your wedding is, it can be a little confusing for some during the planning phase. Because of this, we have gathered helpful information specifically on small intimate Las Vegas weddings, to place you on the right path. Let’s dive in so you can start planning your once in a lifetime wedding.

A Few Details Regarding Smaller Weddings

We thought it would be appropriate to start off with a few important details regarding small weddings. The first of which is the benefits of having a small-scale wedding. This section is meant for those couples who are on the fence as to deciding if a small wedding is right for them or not. The second point touches on your guest list. It can be difficult to decide who should be included and excluded from your guest list. Let’s take a look at these two important topics.

Benefits of Not Having a Large Wedding

Las Vegas has always been known as the place to escape to when you want to have an intimate, romantic wedding. Whether you’re eloping, just inviting your parents, or all your immediate family members and closest friends, this city is the wedding capital of the world, and is the ideal location to tie the knot. In addition to this, small Las Vegas weddings come with many benefits that make them very appealing. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • You have the option of having a more casual Las Vegas wedding.
  • Wedding packages for smaller parties are less expensive.
  • Paying for fewer guests means you can splurge on other important wedding elements.
  • Provides for a more intimate and personal gathering.
  • Enables you to spend more one-on-one time with your guests.
  • Easier to have a fun night out in Las Vegas after the wedding festivities are concluded.

Tips for Creating a Smaller Guest List

It can be difficult for some couples to exclude people from attending their wedding, and a small wedding guest count can be different for each couple. Some may consider under 10 people a small wedding. Others may feel 30, or less is an intimate gathering. So, the first step is deciding how many people you would like to invite. Once that is done, you can start determining who should be invited to your wedding. Let’s take a look at a few tips on keeping your wedding invitation list to a minimum.

  • In some cases, it may be best not to invite any coworkers, if possible. Inviting one coworker will have you feeling like everyone in the office should be invited to avoid hurt feelings. If this happens, you may just end up inviting everyone you work with.
  • Think about who you have been communicating with in the last 3 months. This is a good indication of who is closest to you, and therefore, wedding-invite worthy. If you haven’t spoken to someone in a year or more, you shouldn’t feel bad for not inviting them.
  • You can decide that only family members will be invited. This will allow you to easily explain to your friends why they were not invited.
  • Consider not featuring the “plus one” option on your invitation. This can cut your Las Vegas small intimate wedding guest list in half if the people you are inviting are not bringing a date. Also, telling your guests it’s an adult-only affair will keep children off your guest list, keeping the numbers down.

Indoor & Outdoor Wedding Spaces for Small Weddings

Once you have finalized your guest list, it’s time to look into wedding venues that have outstanding ceremony and reception areas that cater to smaller wedding parties. Our venues at Lakeside Weddings & Events offer incredible indoor and outdoor spaces with breathtaking views that are not offered anywhere else in the Las Vegas area. Both our indoor chapel and outdoor lakeside ceremony spaces will provide you with an opportunity to have an unforgettable wedding day. Here are a few details regarding both our indoor and outdoor spaces:

Say Your “I DOs” in an Elegant Indoor Wedding Chapel

Planning a Small Intimate Indoor Wedding with Affordable Las Vegas Ceremony Venue Packages
Las Vegas Small Chapel Wedding Packages

Lakeside Weddings & Events offers a chapel that is like no other. It showcases traditional indoor features, and has a modern and elegant look, complete with beautiful chandeliers. It also features large floor-to-ceiling glass windows that give you a front-row seat to the most beautiful lake in Las Vegas. The chapel is surrounded by a gorgeous lush green garden, with swaying willow trees, flowers, and more.

What makes this Las Vegas wedding chapel so popular is the fact that it offers both indoor and outdoor features. By this, we mean that the bride and groom can step a few feet outside of the chapel, so that they can say there “I DOs” right on the edge of the lake. The guests are still able to remain seated in the chapel to witness the happy couple tie the knot.

For some helpful information on wedding chapels, take a look at our latest article titled – How to choose the best Las Vegas wedding chapel. Additionally, you might be interested in viewing our Lakeview Chapel wedding packages.

Plan a Small Beautiful Las Vegas Outdoor Ceremony

Our outdoor wedding venue is perfect for those who wish to have a small Las Vegas wedding gathering. Each space is designed so that you and your guests will be in an intimate setting, surrounded by the best that nature can offer. This includes sensational lake views, and more. Here is an overview of our outdoor venue spaces:

Incredible Lake & Garden Views: When you arrive at our Las Vegas wedding venue, you may be surprised to find that our ceremony spaces sit right on the shores of Lake Jacqueline. This allows for peaceful lake breezes during the ceremony, breathtaking views for you and your guests to enjoy, as well as provides for amazing wedding photography opportunities. Take a look at our page that features lake weddings in Las Vegas to see what you can look forward to. In addition to this, our outdoor spaces sport lovely garden views. When having a small wedding at our venue, we set up chairs that offer a front-row view of the lake. It makes for a truly unforgettable wedding day.

Outdoor Gazebos for Intimate Ceremonies: We have several charming Las Vegas wedding gazebos set up in our outdoor venue spaces. Wedding gazebos are often seen in romantic movies, and make for a fairytale type wedding. Our gazebos are perfect for those who are planning a Las Vegas wedding, and can really add to the ambiance of a small romantic ceremony. Imagine you and your loved one standing under a beautiful gazebo adorned by flowers and ivy. It all makes for a picture-perfect wedding. Our gazebo wedding spaces offer lake views, except one that’s located in our Waterfall Garden venue. Although this exceptional outdoor wedding space doesn’t have a lake view, it offers a stunning 6-foot waterfall. Read over our gazebo wedding page to learn more about this must-have wedding feature.

Las Vegas Wedding Packages for Smaller Guest Counts

No matter how many guests you decide to invite – 2, 10, 30, or 0 guests, we have a wedding package for you. Lakeside Weddings & Events has been hosting weddings of all sizes for many years now. Because of this, we know how to perfectly cater to smaller weddings. Dive into the package information below to see what we can offer when you book a Las Vegas small intimate wedding with our venue.

All Inclusive Packages for a Small-Scale Wedding & Reception

We offer exceptional all inclusive Las Vegas packages for those who plan on having a wedding with a limited number of guests. Our packages were designed to take care of every aspect of your special day – from the music played during the ceremony to flower centerpieces at the reception, our inclusive packages have got you covered. Going with an all inclusive package can truly transform your wedding planning into a stress-free enjoyable experience. We love taking care of all the big and small details for you, creating the wedding day that you have been dreaming of.

Here’s what you can look forward to with our all inclusive smaller wedding packages:

  • Access to our professional coordinators for planning the perfect Las Vegas wedding.
  • Use of a beautifully decorated ceremony site set up for small-scale weddings.
  • An experienced wedding photographer is provided (photo packages can be purchased separately).
  • A Bridal Suite is available for pre-wedding preparations.
  • Gorgeous hand-tied rose bouquet and boutonniere for your wedding ceremony.
  • We provide traditional wedding music during the ceremony.
  • Ceremony witnesses are available, if needed.
  • Use of a Las Vegas reception hall immediately following your ceremony.
  • Reception tables and chairs set up to accommodate your smaller guest count.
  • We place lovely flower centerpieces on each table.
  • Unless opting for a live band, we set you up with DJ/emcee services.
  • A variety of drinks such as water, tea, coffee, and soda are included, as well as drink upgrades. Champagne toast for all guests over 21 years of age.
  • An incredible customizable meal will be prepared for you and your guests.
  • Multi-tier wedding cake sized for a limited guest count – cake cutting services included.

For more information, you can simply view our Las Vegas All-Inclusive Wedding Packages page that goes over package and pricing details.

Ceremony Only Packages for Intimate Gatherings

Las Vegas Small Intimate Wedding Ceremony Venue Packages Near Downtown Vegas
Small Ceremony Only Wedding in Las Vegas

If your plans are to have a reception elsewhere, or maybe, since you’re having a small wedding, you’re opting to just go out to dinner after you tie the knot, we have ceremony only packages that you can take advantage of. Lakeside Weddings & Events has several packages designed specifically for those planning to have a Las Vegas small intimate wedding. Our indoor and outdoor ceremony only packages take care of every aspect of your ceremony, which makes for a stress-free, beautiful wedding day. We cater to even the smallest wedding to ensure your special day is exactly how you envisioned it would be.

Here is a sampling of what’s included in our small ceremony only packages:

  • A professionally decorated ceremony site with breathtaking lake views.
  • Certified Las Vegas wedding consultants that help plan your big day.
  • Traditional wedding music is played at the start of your ceremony.
  • Lakefront seating is arranged for your small intimate wedding gathering.
  • If needed, Lakeside Weddings & Events provides ceremony witnesses.
  • Bridal bouquet and boutonniere included with each wedding package.
  • Wedding flower credits come with our smaller wedding packages. Learn more about ceremony flowers through this amazing post on choosing the best flowers for your Las Vegas wedding.
  • Use of our photographer with the option to purchase photo packages separately. Find out why using a professional photographer is the only way to go by reading through our post on Las Vegas wedding photographers.

For a full list of inclusions for your Las Vegas small intimate wedding, and pricing information, review our Ceremony Only Packages page.

Reception Only Packages for a Small After-Ceremony Celebration

Are you having your ceremony elsewhere? Perhaps a small intimate wedding in your backyard, or local church? If this is the case, we have several banquet halls where you can have your wedding reception. Lakeside Weddings & Events showcases exquisite reception halls with sparkling views of Lake Jacqueline. Our upscale reception spaces are designed to accommodate small Las Vegas weddings, and will certainly exceed your expectations. All reception halls are conveniently set up with the number of tables and chairs that correspond with your number of guests. Additionally, each table is graced with a beautiful flower centerpiece.

Let’s take a look at a few other items that are included with our small reception packages:

  • A wedding reception specialist will be available to help you every step of the way.
  • You will have a variety of table linen colors to choose from.
  • For you and your guest who are 21 or older, we organize a champagne wedding toast.
  • Lakeside Weddings & Events provides exceptional table service for the bride and groom.
  • Small Las Vegas reception packages include the use of our DJ/emcee.
  • Basic drinks included in our smaller wedding packages – coffee, teas, as well as water. (package upgrades such as a cash bar and hosted bar are available).
  • A buffet meal with choice of two entrees, vegetable, a starch, along with a plated salad and breadbasket.
  • An outstanding two-tiered wedding cake is included with our small Las Vegas wedding packages. Take a look at our wedding cake designs to get a better idea of what we offer.

You can view all the details of our Las Vegas reception only packages to see what else is included, details on pricing, and more. Additionally, if you would like to cover all your basis, have a look at all our Las Vegas wedding packages to see which one fits your wedding needs.

Lakeside Weddings & Events Commonly Asked Questions

The team at Lakeside Weddings & Events has hosted so many weddings over the years, and this makes them very capable of answering any question you may have. This especially rings true with the topic of small Las Vegas weddings. We would like to share a few questions that have come our way in the hopes of giving you a more well-rounded view of the subject.

1. How many guests should I invite if I’m having a Las Vegas small intimate wedding?

Best Las Vegas Wedding Venue for Small Intimate Ceremony Packages
Best Venue in Las Vegas for Small Weddings

There are no set rules when it comes to deciding on a final count for your wedding guest list. Wedding planners who have worked with many couples have a few suggestions on this, depending on who you are speaking with.

Some say that any guest list under 50 is considered a small wedding. Others, however, may insist that it must be 30, or under. We host couples who have under 10 guests, or even no guests at all. So, as you can see, it really does vary depending upon someone’s opinion.

When it comes to shortening your guest list to enable you to have a small wedding, don’t worry, even couples who are planning large weddings have to cut people from their lists, so you are not alone! You can start out creating an A list (must-invites), and then proceed to create a B list (people you can invite if any spaces open up).

Although it’s not an easy task to choose who will and who won’t attend your wedding, creating an A and B list will at least help you organize the task at hand.

2. Are smaller Las Vegas weddings more casual?

Some couples feel more comfortable going the casual route when having a Las Vegas small intimate wedding, especially when there are under 10 guests. At the same time, many brides and grooms go all out with elegance, even with just a few guests. It really depends on what your preferences are for your special day. At Lakeside Weddings & Events, we host casual and upscale weddings of all sizes.

3. Is it appropriate to have a live band when you’re only inviting 10 guests?

Receptions that are on the smaller side tend to utilize a DJ as opposed to a live band. This may be because the cost of the band does not reflect the cost of a small wedding. Or, it just makes more sense to not have an extravagant band with only 10 guests. Although it’s common to use DJs for smaller Las Vegas receptions, it’s still totally acceptable to hire a live band for your reception that sports a smaller guest count. What matters most is what makes you happy, not what other people have done when they planned their small wedding. If you feel a live band would be more fun and memorable, then that’s the way to go. If you need some tips on this subject, read through our post on the topic of choosing between a DJ or live band for your wedding reception.

Additional Las Vegas Small Intimate Wedding Resources

No matter how many people you invite to your wedding, you will want to be informed on all things pertaining to ceremonies and receptions. This can include wedding prices, marriage licenses, evening wedding details, and more. Here are a few articles we put together for those seeking more information on Las Vegas weddings:

Plan an Unforgettable Small Intimate Ceremony and Reception at Lakeside Weddings & Events!

We hope that this article on Las Vegas small intimate weddings has you even more excited about your special day. Lakeside Weddings & Events is a full-service wedding venue that hosts small ceremonies and receptions on a weekly basis. Our team can assist you with scheduling a tour, or a phone call, to answer all your questions. Just contact Lakeside Weddings & Events, we would be happy to assist you. We look forward to hosting an outstanding small wedding that will exceed your expectations.

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