Who Should Be Paying For What In Your Wedding?

Who Pays for the Wedding Ceremony and Reception in Las Vegas

Always an interesting question… who should be paying for what in your wedding?

Over the years these issues have changed.  In traditional times the parents usually covered the majority of the wedding expenses, with the parents of the bride covering the wedding and reception and the parents of the groom covering the rehearsal dinner expenses.

Many people today however believe that much (if not all) of the wedding expenses should be covered by the bride and the groom, especially if they have lived on their own for a length of time.  Of course, we know that parents often want (and do) kick in on the expenses.

Now, how do you handle the discussion of expenses and how they are paid for?  Before we address that issue, let’s break down a list of “Typical” expenses first, and the “Traditional” ways that these expenses are handled by which party: (keep in mind there are always different expenses for each wedding and different ways that these expenses are paid for)

Brides Parents / Family

  1. The Engagement Party
  2. The Engagement Announcements
  3. Brides Attire
  4. Floral
  5. Transportation
  6. Video & Photography
  7. Wedding Officiating
  8. Wedding Reception

Grooms Parents / Family

  1. Corsages and Boutonnieres for immediate family and bridal party
  2. Rehearsal Dinner
  3. Often times the alcohol at the reception

Forget the archaic rule that says certain people have to pay for certain things. The bride’s parents need not take out a third mortgage to pay for the wedding, and the groom’s parents are not off the hook either. Besides, the two of you might even be covering a good chunk of the expenses yourselves. The best way to work it out? Sit down with pencil, paper, and calculator and figure out what you really want and can afford. Keep in mind that informal weddings are usually smaller (and therefore cheaper), and formal weddings tend to be larger (and therefore more expensive).

And, when all of this is worked out, you can enjoy your special day the way it was meant to be enjoyed!



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