Las Vegas Wedding Venue Tour – Ceremony & Reception Locations

Las Vegas Wedding Venue Tour – Indoor and Outdoor Ceremony Locations

If you’re interested in getting married at Lakeside Weddings & Events, but unable to travel to Nevada to make your final decision, we suggest taking a Las Vegas wedding venue tour of our fabulous ceremony and reception spaces. You can easily accomplish this by diving into our post that we put together just for you and the one you love. It will give you an idea of just how beautiful, elegant, and charming our ceremony venues and banquet halls really are. We’ve included videos and images of our lakefront indoor and outdoor wedding venues below, so be sure to grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy a virtual walk-thru of Lakeside Weddings & Events.

Take a Personal Tour of Our Las Vegas Ceremony & Reception Venues

Finding a Las Vegas ceremony and reception space that’s perfect for your wedding day goals can seem a bit overwhelming if you live out of state. However, it doesn’t have to be this way when planning your destination wedding because we provide everything you would need to get a real sense of just how amazing our wedding venue spaces are. This includes images and video tours of our most popular outdoor wedding venues – Grand Garden, Swan Garden, Heritage Garden, and Waterfall Garden, along with our indoor Lakeview Chapel. We also provide tours of our Las Vegas reception halls – Grand Atrium and Swan Banquet Room, and you’ll find this all below.

Grand Garden Ceremony Venue & Grand Atrium Reception Hall Tour

We’ll kick your Las Vegas wedding venue tour experience off with a visit to Grand Garden and the Grand Atrium Reception Hall. These exceptional spaces are popular among the brides and grooms who have taken a virtual or in-person tour at Lakeside Weddings & Events in the past.

Grand Garden Ceremony Courtyard

Those who say their vows within Grand Garden stand under a romantic and elegant ceremony gazebo that’s situated on the edge of a sparkling blue lake.

Additionally, Grand Garden is within an amazing courtyard that boasts impressive stone statues, swaying willow trees and other beautiful greenery, as well as a stone pathway that leads straight to the ceremony altar.

It’s a truly gorgeous and affordable Las Vegas wedding space that you and your guests will fall in love with. If this location sounds like it’s the one for you, then be sure to visit the Grand Garden Ceremony Site image gallery where you can catch a glimpse of other couples tying the knot in this space!

Grand Atrium Reception Hall

Couples who say their “I DOs” within Grand Garden will take just a few steps over to our elegant Grand Atrium Reception Hall after the ceremony is complete. It’s an impressive banquet room that seats up to 130 wedding guests and has all that’s needed for an unforgettable wedding celebration.

Grand Atrium features beautiful lake and garden views through large glass windows and doors, which makes for a scenic setting to celebrate your love for one another. Also, you’ll find contemporary iron accents and modern crown molding throughout, as well as Edison ceiling lighting for a romantic touch. In addition to this, Grand Atrium showcases a built-in dance floor, as well as a modern two-sided built-in bar. Take a look at a few images of this reception space by heading over to the Grand Atrium Reception Hall image gallery.

It’s time for you to see this incredible wedding courtyard for yourself by taking the virtual tour below:

Now that you’ve had a chance to see these two Las Vegas wedding venues, if you feel that they’re what you’ve been looking for, you will want to view the corresponding packages below:

Grand Garden All Inclusive Wedding Packages

Let’s take a walk over to our next ceremony and reception spaces located at Lakeside Weddings & Events.

Swan Garden Ceremony Space & Swan Banquet Room Tour

Couples who are looking for an exceptionally romantic ceremony space in the Las Vegas area, as well as an elegant reception hall, will be interested in touring our Swan Garden and Swan Banquet Room. With that said, let’s jump into all the incredible details below.

Swan Garden Ceremony Venue

This location holds our largest wedding gazebo, and is said to create a fairy tale atmosphere. The gazebo and wedding altar rest next to a peaceful lake that boasts a charming stone bridge over the water, and our brides and grooms often see swans that make for stunning wedding photography.

This location pairs well with sunset ceremonies where you and your guests can experience the stunning colors reflected in the water as the sun sets. Along with this, Swan Garden boasts swaying willow trees and a stone pathway to the altar that looks sensational. Please check out our Swan Garden image gallery to see for yourself how incredible this space really is.

Swan Banquet Room

When you say your vows in Swan Garden, you’ll have the chance to celebrate your marriage within the Swan Banquet Room. This reception space is one of our largest and seats up to 225 people, so it’s perfect for brides and grooms who are having a large wedding.

Swan Banquet Room features crown molding, elegant crystal chandeliers, gorgeous lake and garden views, as well as a built-in dance floor and a built-in bar. You’ll also notice a beautiful glass solarium that contains a vintage chandelier and romantic twinkle lighting. With all that said, head over to our Swan Banquet Room image gallery to get a better idea of what this popular reception hall has to offer.

Also, don’t forget to take a journey through our Swan Garden ceremony and reception space by watching the video below – you’re going to love what you see!

If Swan Garden has sparked your interest, then make sure to visit the following package pages according to the number of guests you would like to invite.

Swan Garden All Inclusive Wedding Packages

If you love our wedding venue tours so far, then we’ll continue over to the next location, which is Heritage Garden, a unique and romantic space to say your vows.

Heritage Garden – Journey Through a Beautiful Ceremony Space

This romantic ceremony location showcases unique cascading arches that serve as a pathway for the grand entrance. This path leads to the altar that’s situated under a charming wedding gazebo that sits at the edge of a tranquil lake. Both the arches and the gazebo are covered with beautiful greenery and can be decorated with flowers, sashes, string lighting, and the like.

Heritage Garden also has swaying willow trees and other greenery that looks exceptional. You can catch a glimpse of this garden by stopping by our Heritage Garden image gallery. This venue is perfect for large and medium-sized ceremonies, smaller weddings, as well as a wedding for two. Additionally, for those getting married within Heritage Garden utilizing an all inclusive package, your reception will be held at the Swan Banquet Room.

We invite you to take a tour of this Las Vegas ceremony site so you can fall in love with it, just like many other couples have:

If Heritage Garden is a must-have location for you, then you’ll want to check out the ceremony only and all inclusive packages below.

Heritage Garden All Inclusive Packages

Heritage Garden Ceremony Only Packages

Would you love to have a cascading waterfall featured at your wedding? If so, then continue on as we take a tour of our next ceremony location.

Waterfall Garden Ceremony Venue & Royal Banquet Room Tour

We offer the opportunity for you to say your vows next to a breathtaking waterfall, and this is possible when you reserve one of Lakeside Weddings & Events all inclusive Waterfall Garden packages – let’s take a look at this location and what it has to offer:

Waterfall Garden Ceremony Space

This popular wedding venue is ideal for those who are having a more intimate, smaller wedding of 20 to 60 guests. The Waterfall Garden ceremony space features a romantic 6-foot waterfall that sits right in front of the wedding altar. Additionally, the altar is situated beneath a gorgeous ceremony gazebo that completes the scene.

You’ll find lush greenery and swaying willow trees in this exceptional wedding space as well. Take a moment to tour this location through our Waterfall Garden Ceremony Site image gallery.

Waterfall Garden Royal Banquet Room

Those who get married within Waterfall Garden will be able to celebrate their marriage in the Waterfall Garden Royal Banquet Room. This reception hall can seat up to 60 wedding guests, and is just steps away from the ceremony site. The Royal Banquet room sports elegant chandelier lighting, beautiful upgraded wood flooring, a built-in dance floor, as well as your choice of an indoor wooden accent bar or an outdoor stone accent bar. Additionally, the eye-catching cascading waterfall can be seen from within the banquet hall, which makes for an even more romantic wedding reception.

If this sounds like a dream come true wedding location, then be sure to take a look at our Waterfall Garden Brochure that has information on what’s included, prices, as well as fabulous wedding pictures. You can also view the specific packages we have created based on guest count below:

Waterfall Garden All Inclusive Packages

Lakeview Chapel – A Virtual Visit Through an Indoor Las Vegas Wedding Venue

Brides and grooms who would like to book a ceremony only indoor package will want to take a tour of our Las Vegas wedding chapel. We know you’ll love this location because the chapel boasts beautiful lake and garden views through its large glass windows that can make any ceremony unforgettable. It also features wide glass doors in the front of the chapel that opens up to the lake, as well as a wedding gazebo.

This wedding chapel is unique in that the bride and groom, along with their wedding party, can take just a few steps outside the chapel doors to say their vows at the edge of the lake, all the while, the wedding guests can hear them perfectly from inside the chapel. Of course, the bride and groom can say their “I DOs” within the chapel as well. Lakeview Chapel presents the opportunity to create a dream come true ceremony, and this can be seen in the following image gallery – Lakeside Chapel Ceremony Site.

Let’s move forward with a Las Vegas wedding venue tour of Lakeview Chapel by viewing the following video:

You can also look over the Lakeview Chapel Brochure that will provide you with all the information you would need to marry the one you love within this beautiful venue. And if you think you would like to reserve a date, then you’ll want to visit one of our Lakeview Chapel ceremony only package pages, as seen below:

Lakeview Chapel Wedding Ceremony Only Packages

Lakeside Weddings & Events Questions and Answers

Our ceremony and reception venue has been in the industry for many years now, and so we have extensive knowledge of all things wedding-related. With that said, we encourage the brides and grooms who come to us to ask any questions they may have – we are here to help! Below you will find two of our most popular questions from couples who are interested in our venue but can’t easily visit to check our venue out in person.

Can I schedule an in-person Las Vegas wedding venue tour at Lakeside Weddings & Events?

Yes, we encourage in-person venue tours at our Las Vegas location. It gives couples a chance to see just how elegant, romantic, and charming Lakeside Weddings & Events really is. Additionally, it gives brides and grooms an opportunity to meet the professional staff that they will work with if they choose to book a wedding package with us. Our tours include viewing Grand Garden & Grand Atrium Reception Hall, Swan Garden & Swan Banquet Room, Heritage Garden ceremony site, Waterfall Garden ceremony site and reception hall, as well as our Lakeview Chapel.

While you’re here, you can also visit a bridal hair and makeup salon that is within walking distance, it’s called The Salon at Lakeside. And there’s a wonderful wedding flower shop in the vicinity as well that you can see. Please reach out if you would like to schedule a tour of Lakeside Weddings by calling 702 240-5290.

Do you have social media sites where I can see more images of your wedding ceremony and reception venues?

Lakeside Weddings & Events has several social media sites that have tons of great images that showcase couples getting married at our wedding venue. You’ll also find reviews, announcements, and other information that you’ll find interesting. Take a tour of our Las Vegas wedding venue through our social media platforms below and don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions at all.

Resources for Couples Getting Married Near the Vegas Strip

Taking a tour of a Las Vegas ceremony and reception venue is extremely helpful when trying to decide which location fits your needs. What’s also essential is having plenty of wedding resources at your disposal. Luckily, Lakeside Weddings & Events has many wedding day resources for those getting married near the Las Vegas Strip that you can access 24/7.

This includes resources pertaining to ceremony information and wedding themes, as well as reception seating arrangements, and details on our wedding specials. Below you’ll find even more resources that can help you plan the perfect wedding day!

Come Take a Virtual or In-Person Las Vegas Wedding Venue Tour!

Here at Lakeside Weddings, we hope that going on a virtual tour of our ceremony and reception spaces has shown you just how incredible our venue truly is. How could it not be when it features Lakefront ceremony spaces, romantic gazebos, beautiful walkways, lush green gardens, and more, that will allow you to have an unforgettable affair? Feel free to reach out to our team of wedding professionals with our contact form, or by calling to schedule an in-person venue tour; we would love to show you around and hear all about your wedding day goals!

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