Las Vegas Wedding Venue New Partnership

Lakeside Weddings and Events announces its Wine Events Partnership with Vino Las Vegas

Lakeside Weddings and Events, the leading wedding event venues in Las Vegas, announces its events partnership with the Vino Las Vegas. The “Wine Events Partnership” with the Vino Las Vegas and Elaine and Scott Harris, and with them as the Managing Directors, is expected to provide benefits to both parties.

Vino Las Vegas has been providing daily content to thousands of food and wine lovers including videos, reviews, and much more. Scott and Elaine Harris aim to offer more activities and services in all restaurants in Las Vegas and around the globe. The latest decision of the Lakeside Weddings and Events to partner with the Harris’ will improve the quality of services they do for everyone in the city.

With the recent partnership of the Lakeside with Vino Las Vegas, the wedding venue experts offer a wide selection of cuisine products and currently servicing thousands of weddings, businesses, and more. Lakeside Weddings and Events also provide a good reputation for delivering fresh, delicious, and healthy meals. Along with the exclusive partnership with the Vino Las Vegas, Lakeside has a lot more to offer. With the Lakeside’s wine pairing capabilities and important cuisine, they are proud to offer catering services for social events, parties, lakeside receptions, businesses meetings, and live events.

The new “Wine Events Partnership” will also provide perks for the avid members who have joined the Vino Las Vegas Wine Club. All the wine club members will enjoy the romantic evenings and Vineyard tours as well as the Live Entertainment. Scott and Elaine have started scheduling a cuisine pairing and wine tasting at the Lake Side Weddings and Events Center. For all the special events every month, Lakeside and Vino Las Vegas will partner and coordinate the food and wine to make every event a success.

The new collaboration between Lakeside and the Harris’ builds a strong relationship, making Lakeside as the personalized and reputable wedding company partner to Vino Las Vegas. The deal offers direct access to the country’s biggest concentration of couples. Lakeside, as one of the well-known wedding venue, combines its spectacular wedding spaces with the Vino Las Vegas’ wide array of liquors.

Vino Las Vegas provides all the recommendations for wines, vineyards, and restaurants over the years. From the humble beginnings of Harris’ 10 years ago, the two of them have traveled the entire USA for the search for special food pairing, a bottle of wine and unique atmosphere. This goal of the Vino Las Vegas continues to expand until one day when the company decided to expand its unique line of wines, in a wine events partnership with the Lakeside Weddings and Events.

Partnering with the Vino Las Vegas provides Lakeside the opportunity to connect to all the brides and customers across the country. Lakeside Weddings and Events offers the lowest cost on the location for the reception and ceremony. Choosing Lakeside as the wedding partner will provide couples with more perks.

About Lakeside Weddings and Events:

Lakeside Weddings and Events is the premier wedding venues in Las Vegas. The team specializes in Outdoor Garden, receptions, and Lakeside Wedding Ceremonies. The wedding venue is located on the wonderful shores of Lake Jacqueline. Lakeside Weddings and Events is the perfect choice for business luncheons, seminars, corporate events, holiday parties, anniversaries, birthdays, and social events.