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Tips for Planning a Las Vegas Wedding Theme for Your

Are you dreaming of a fun and creative Las Vegas wedding theme that sports a unique style that expresses who you are as a couple? If so, Lakeside Weddings & Events can help. There are so many ways to turn your wedding day into an unforgettable experience if you’re shooting for a themed ceremony and reception, and with just a few touches of personality, your guests will be able to tell that this day is all about you. From decorations and music to wedding colors and more, we have some great tips for creating a wedding theme that you and your guests will love.

Ideas for Putting Together the Perfect Las Vegas Wedding Theme

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Choose a  wedding theme that’s meaningful to you – whether it’s a vintage, nautical, or a fairy tale type theme, pick something that you both love. Also, brainstorm ideas for your ceremony and reception theme by gathering inspiration from magazines, Pinterest boards, and real-life weddings you’ve attended – you will find that there’s a lot out there to consider and there really is no limit to the amazing possibilities of planning a Las Vegas wedding with a special theme.

With all that said, if you’re looking for a theme that will help make your Las Vegas wedding into an unforgettable event uniquely tailored to reflect your own personal style, from the wedding flower choices to the ceremony attire, then you will want to dive into the information below!

Showcase a Rustic-Style Wedding Day Using Natural Earthy Materials

The rustic wedding theme is a popular choice, especially with its unique charm and relaxed atmosphere. The beauty of a rustic Las Vegas wedding theme is that it can be created to suit all different preferences – from those wanting an intimate ceremony with a countryside feel to those envisioning a grand extravaganza. Either way, Lakeside Weddings & Events is here to provide some tips on how to create a rustic theme, as well as wedding packages that can make your big day as memorable as possible.

When planning a Las Vegas ceremony, as well as your reception with a rustic feel, it’s essential to focus on natural elements when it comes to the decor. This can include wooden signs, mason jars, burlap table runners, and floral arrangements. And simple centerpieces featuring wildflowers or seasonal blooms will add a touch of elegance to your rustic wedding. Additionally, we suggest being selective with your color choices. Why? Because when it comes to color for this type of wedding theme, less is actually more. Neutral and muted colors like beige, green, brown, and gray work perfectly to create a rustic yet elegant ambiance. You can also add hints of brighter colors like red, navy blue, or deep purples, which will create a more defined and eye-catching look to your wedding decorations.

When putting together a rustic theme for your Las Vegas wedding, opt for natural lighting for your ceremony and reception, if possible. This is important because it helps to create a warm, inviting, and organic atmosphere, which fits perfectly with the wedding theme you’re going for. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, that will work best. But if you’re having an indoor ceremony, and your venue doesn’t have enough natural light, consider adding outdoor lighting elements, such as string lights, or lanterns. Add a personal twist to your decor by incorporating details that reflect your personality, you can make rustic signs, use personalized napkins, or place name cards on unique objects like small pine cones.

When it comes to your wedding dress, simple patterns or bohemian florals are often worn, typically in cotton or linen. Creating a rustic Las Vegas wedding theme is all about taking advantage of nature’s beauty, and so rustic weddings can be especially stunning during sunset weddings. With these tips, you can add an organic touch to your wedding decorations that you and your guests will always remember.

Have a Lakeside Wedding with a Beautiful Nautical Theme

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Does the thought of a waterfront wedding with a nautical theme sound amazing to you? If so, we have some fun tips to share that will help you achieve this look. Nautical-themed weddings are a timeless trend that couples can’t resist. The cool color palette, natural elements, and sailor-themed decor make these weddings unique and memorable.

A nautical-themed wedding is a great choice for couples who are getting married at a waterfront wedding venue in Las Vegas, which makes Lakeside Weddings & Events the best location for this particular theme because we have lakefront ceremony altars on our property.

It’s essential to know that nautical-themed weddings are associated with certain colors such as cool blue hues, sandy beige, and white. These colors are reminiscent of the beach and sea and will set the tone for your Las Vegas wedding day, as well as look fantastic as you say your vows in a ceremony space with a lake as a backdrop when you get married at Lakeside Weddings & Events. You can add accents of navy, coral, and gold to your color palette which will complement the main colors and give them a pop. Be sure to showcase this color palette within the ceremony and reception – from the bridal party dresses, the wedding cake, your table setting and floral arrangements, as well as pre-wedding elements such as wedding invitations.

Because a nautical theme is all about the ocean, seaside, and marine life, it’s a fun idea to incorporate natural elements like shells, starfish, and sea glass into your wedding day. The starfish or seashells can be added as accents on your invitations, place cards, chairs, or as table decorations. Another great idea is to use fishnet or rope details on your bridal bouquet, or table arrangements to add a textural element. Or, if you’re saying your vows at Lakeside Weddings, you can add lightweight nautical type elements to your ceremony gazebo. For the reception, make sure to add a seafood item, as well as have your wedding DJ include some music that matches up with your wedding theme, maybe some songs by the Beach Boys, and the like.

Not everyone goes this far, some stick with traditional wedding attire, but to enhance the nautical feel to your Las Vegas wedding theme, you can dress up your bridal party in sailor-inspired attire. The bride could wear a short, tea-length dress with a nautical edge, like a unique neckline or pocket details. You could also add a seashell crown or starfish comb. The groom could wear a navy or a white suit, perhaps a bowtie or tie with a nautical print to complete the look.

Bring Your Favorite Characters to Life with a Movie-Inspired Las Vegas Ceremony & Reception

Movies have the power to transport us to another world, and what better way to relive that magic than by including elements of your favorite movie in your special day. From a Sci-Fi movie theme to a fairytale Disney-inspired wedding, the possibilities are endless. A themed ceremony can allow you to infuse your wedding with the magic and romance that you’ve seen on the big screen, and just imagine the exceptional and fun wedding photography that you will be able to look back on for years to come.

So, how do you put something like this together? First, you need to choose a movie that you both love. From romantic comedies to adventurous action movies, nostalgia-inducing classics to heartwarming shows, we know there’s a movie for every couple. There are so many to choose from, such as these two crowd favorites – Star Wars and Star Trek. Or perhaps The Great Gatsby which would feature the glamour of the roaring 20s. Maybe a Disney classic where you get to be a princess during your Las Vegas ceremony. Once you pick a movie, think about the themes, characters, colors, and visual aspects you can use to inspire your wedding theme.

Your wedding decorations should reflect the ambiance of the movie. Use movie quotes, character names, and symbolisms to create invitations that reflect the theme. Or, centerpieces can feature props that are related to your movie of choice. Wedding attire is key in keeping with a movie theme, so study the main characters to get your look just right.

Although you most likely have your favorite movie already in mind, here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Star Wars & Star Trek
  • Batman & Catwoman
  • Game of Thrones
  • The Matrix
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Gone with the Wind
  • Wizard of OZ
  • The Great Gatsby
  • American Graffiti

Also, if you’re planning on having a Disney fairy tale type wedding, imagine how our Swan Garden wedding gazebo will complement your wedding theme. It’s a must-see, so be sure to check it out in our video tour below, and if you would like to see more Las Vegas wedding venues, then head over to our main Video Tours page.

Lakeside Weddings & Events Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re planning a large ceremony, or a simple wedding for two, we know themed weddings can take a little more work, but they must be worth it since a high percentage of Las Vegas weddings are themed. With that said, the brides and grooms that come to us for their fantasy or themed wedding, often have a few questions, and we are always happy to assist couples who need some guidance as they prepare to tie the knot. You will find a few questions and answers below related to this topic, but feel free to contact us with your own set of inquiries at 702 240-5290.

Is there a Las Vegas bridal hair and makeup salon that specializes in themed weddings?

The best bridal salon in Las Vegas for themed or fantasy weddings is The Salon at Lakeside. They even have an entire page dedicated to themed weddings, it’s called Las Vegas Bridal Fantasy Hair & Makeup, and it’s definitely worth checking out. They can handle any type of character theme you need to be made up for – a queen, princess, any Disney character, and so on.

The Salon at Lakeside can help you achieve the look you’re after with the many bridal services they offer – hair, makeup, nails, eyebrow & eyelash services, tanning, and more. You can meet with one of their bridal specialists to map out your plan of evolving into the character you would love to become when you get married in Las Vegas. Additionally, you may want to check out our main Hair and Makeup page, as well as our popular post on bridal updos.

Does Lakeside Weddings offer special packages for themed ceremonies and receptions?

Lakeside Weddings & Events has several amazing packages for all inclusive ceremonies and receptions, and although they are not specifically designated as Las Vegas wedding theme packages, they offer brides and grooms the option to get married for an affordable price, in a fabulous location. You can check out our main All Inclusive Packages page for a detailed look at what’s included, and if you’re looking for our Ceremony Only page, you will find some incredible venues and packages on it as well. Additionally, stop by our Wedding Specials section for even more affordable options to make your wedding day all that you’re hoping for.

Take a moment to check out our all inclusive packages below:

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Resources for Couples Getting Married Near the Vegas Strip

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No matter what type of wedding you’re having, a Las Vegas theme wedding, a traditional ceremony and reception, or something else, we know you can benefit from having helpful resources on hand. Lakeside Weddings & Events has been helping couples tie the knot near the Las Vegas Strip for many years now and we have become known as experts in the Las Vegas wedding industry.

With that in mind, we have some resources that we know you will want to dive into – from information on evening weddings, to details on choosing the best wedding flowers, as well as tips for selecting the right Las Vegas wedding chapel, or even details on wedding photographers, we have you covered. Below we have listed out even more resources for you to have some fun with.

We Can Host Your Las Vegas Fantasy or Themed Wedding!

Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your style as a couple. This is why Las Vegas is such a great place to tie the knot; there’s something for everyone when it comes to planning a themed wedding here. Whether you’d like to go rustic, choose a nautical theme, draw inspiration from the movies, or something entirely different, Las Vegas is an excellent location choice. If you’re interested in having Lakeside Weddings host your themed wedding, feel free to contact us – we look forward to helping you create an amazing ceremony and reception, as well as seeing just how beautiful and creative your wedding theme turns out to be.

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