How to Plan an Affordable Las Vegas Wedding on a Tight Budget

Planning an Affordable Las Vegas Wedding on a Tight Budget

Having an unforgettable ceremony and reception doesn’t have to break the bank, even on a tight budget. So, if you have your heart set on planning an affordable Las Vegas wedding, but don’t know how to make it happen, we’re here to give you a few proven tips on the topic. And don’t worry, you’re not alone; most couples are on a budget and seeking out ways to make their dream come true wedding day a reality. In fact, over the years, Lakeside Weddings & Events has worked with many brides and grooms who have limited funds set aside for their special day, and because of this, we’re able to provide you with valuable information on having an affordable wedding in Las Vegas. With that said, let’s dive into some pointers that will get your wedding planning off to a fabulous start.

Tips for Planning an Affordable Las Vegas Wedding with a Small Budget

Affordable Wedding Packages in Las Vegas with All Inclusive and Ceremony Only Options
Cost-Effective All Inclusive Weddings

When working with a limited amount of funds that will need to cover all the elements of your big day, you should start your wedding planning by deciding what’s non-negotiable. By this, we mean it’s best to determine the must-haves, the things you can’t do without, as well as the elements that you just can’t skimp on. For instance, you may have certain flowers in mind that are expensive, but they’re what you’ve always envisioned for your special day.

You’ll also want to create an estimate of expenses to put your budgeting in perspective. To do this,  jot down the must-have items that are the most expensive along with their estimated costs. This might include the wedding venue or catering, which tends to consume a larger portion of the budget. This can provide you and your loved one with an idea of what’s left over for the other elements, such as the photographer, and so on.

Next, you’ll want to make a full list of all the things you would like included on your wedding day and research estimated costs for them as well. Now, with your completed list in hand – must-haves, expensive elements you can’t skimp on, and all the rest, as well as their estimated costs, you can start working on trying to find ways to lower the prices so that everything will fit nicely into your budget. That would bring us to our next section, our tips and tricks for achieving an affordable Las Vegas wedding.

Limit Your Guest List to Only Those Closest to You

Keeping the guest count down will help tremendously if your goal is to have an affordable wedding. And although the thought of having a large wedding that includes everyone might sound attractive, there is something to be said about having a small intimate affair with only those closest to you, such as your immediate family and closest friends. To expand on your guest list, maybe this could also include your boss and close coworkers, as well as a few of your extended family members.

There is also the option to invite a large number of people to your ceremony since it’s said to be the most important part of your special day, and then only invite a select few to the wedding celebration. The reception can be the most expensive element when you pay a per-plate fee, so only inviting a limited number of people will keep the costs down significantly.

For couples who are on an extremely tight budget, you also have the option of eloping so it’s only you and your future spouse on your wedding day. This is a popular way to tie the knot in Las Vegas, and has been for many years. While on the topic, we have an entire write-up on having a wedding for two that you might be interested in.

Send Budget-Friendly Digital Wedding Invitations

If you’re not familiar with wedding invites, there may be more to them than you realize. It’s not just the invite itself that you have to account for in your budget; there are other elements. This could include sending out “save the date” cards, just to give guests a heads-up before they receive the official invite. Then you have the invite itself, along with an RSVP and envelope that is commonly mailed along with it – you can see the dollar signs adding up now, can’t you?

The price of traditional wedding invitations can be determined by the number of guests, the quality of the paper, extras such as embellishments, wax seals, and more. Oh, and then there is the fact that you’ll have to pay for postage. As you can imagine, all this can come to a pretty penny. So, what can you do if you just don’t have the funds to go the traditional route? Well, you can send paperless wedding invitations, better known as e-invites, digital invitations, or email invitations. No matter what you call them, they can reduce your overall cost of sending out an invitation to your guests. If this option sounds attractive to you, there are plenty of online companies out there that offer digital invitation services, such as and of course,

Lower the Cost of Your Las Vegas Wedding with In-Season Flowers

Couples who are not particular about the flowers and who are hoping to have an affordable Las Vegas wedding, should consider flowers that are in-season. This is because off-season flowers are generally harder to acquire, so the cost will be particularly higher. It’s a good idea to take this into account because flowers can become a large expense since they’re used in many ways during the ceremony and reception – bride and bridesmaid’s bouquets, ceremony altar decor, reception tables, and so on. To give you a head start in the planning process, here’s a post on tips for choosing the best wedding flowers. You can also view this quick summary of flowers and their seasons to give you some ideas for your upcoming wedding.

  • Winter: Star Gazer, Lily, daffodil, Jasmine, Poinsettia, Camellias
  • Spring: Tulips, Garden Rose, Lily, Hydrangea, Sweet Pea, Peony, Gardenia
  • Summer: Roses, Freesia, Lily, Forget-Me-Nots, Chrysanthemum
  • Fall: Aster, Marigold, Zinnia, Statice

Become a Wedding Planner Instead of Hiring One

Putting a ceremony and reception together can be a bit overwhelming when you don’t have previous experience. Because of this, many couples prefer to hire a wedding planner to piece all the details together and guide them every step of the way. Planners such as these know the wedding industry inside and out; they know what problems can typically arise and how to avoid them, as well as what elements are needed for every aspect of a wedding day. Although having a wedding coordinator at your side is worth every penny, some couples may need to scratch this one off their list if they just can’t afford it.

It’s worth mentioning that if a planner doesn’t fit into your budget, you have some options. For example, when you look for Las Vegas wedding packages at your venue of choice, be sure to seek out one that includes a wedding planner. This is the case with all Lakeside Weddings & Events packages – we know the importance of having a planner help you along the way, so we include one with all our packages. This allows you to have a coordinator without the additional cost of hiring one separately, which can provide you with the affordable Las Vegas wedding you’re striving for.

Have a Beautiful Cost-Effective Backyard Wedding Ceremony

cost-effective ceremony and reception wedding venue in Las Vegas
Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Specials

If you’re contemplating having your reception in an elegant banquet hall, but having a ceremony at an official venue is not set in stone, then consider having a backyard ceremony instead. If this seems a bit unconventional, know that thousands of brides each year opt for having a ceremony in a backyard. If you don’t have a yard that’s wedding-worthy, then perhaps a friend or family member does. And if you think you can’t have an elegant wedding with a ceremony space such as this, that can’t be further from the truth.

A yard can be filled with elements that are exquisite and beautiful, and can be customized to your liking. You can even have a beautiful sunset wedding or evening ceremony where you decorate with romantic string lighting – are you starting to see the possibilities? The bottom line is that if you need to cut costs, having a backyard wedding can free up a large chunk of money that you can allocate to other items on your wedding list.

Now, if you go with this option, then you will need to find an affordable Las Vegas reception hall, and we have a few in mind that you’ll love. This includes Lakeside Weddings Grand Atrium Reception Hall and the Swan Banquet Room. You can go directly to our Reception Only main page, or check out the reception information below that will fill you in on all you need to know about these two elegant reception spaces:

Book a Ceremony Only Package and Head to a Restaurant for the Reception

For those who need to cut one venue out and feel that the ceremony must be held at an official venue, you can simply book a ceremony only package and utilize a restaurant for the reception. This will allow you to skip the reception venue costs and just pay for the meal, which will make your Las Vegas wedding more affordable. Now, this most likely means you may have to limit your guest list for the reception so you won’t have to book the entire restaurant. If the party is small enough, you can just reserve a small section, just as anyone would when making reservations for more than a few people. The good thing is that there are plenty of upscale, as well as casual restaurants in downtown Las Vegas and the Vegas Strip.

Lakeside Weddings & Events has two beautiful ceremony only sites; one for outdoor weddings and the other for indoor chapel ceremonies. Both spaces offer lakeside ceremony altars and picture-perfect garden views, along with charming wedding gazebos. And, yes, our indoor chapel has a gazebo option that sits just outside the chapel doors. We invite you to take a look at our packages, as well as our image galleries for these two popular venue locations, as seen below.

Take a Virtual Tour of Our Heritage Garden Ceremony Space


Book a Wedding Venue During Non-Peak Days & Times to Save Money

Our biggest tip for planning an affordable Las Vegas wedding is to have your ceremony and reception during non-peak seasons, days, and times. This is important because the price typically rises during the most sought-after time slots. For example, weddings held on a Saturday will have a higher venue fee than one that takes place on a Tuesday. Or certain holidays may be more expensive at various venues, and this might include Valentine’s Day. Also, at some venues, September through October are popular months to tie the knot, so just choosing a different month can keep more money in your pocket. At Lakeside Weddings & Events, our prices are affordable no matter what season, day, or time you book your wedding. We recommend checking out our wedding specials page to see if you can find a great price for the time slot you are hoping for. You may also want to read through our post that covers the typical cost of a Las Vegas wedding, it has tons of details that can help you sort your wedding budget out.

You Don’t Have to Cut Corners – Book an Inexpensive All Inclusive Wedding Package Instead

Couples typically don’t want to cut corners when it comes to their wedding day, they would prefer to have the wedding of their dreams with all the bells and whistles. With that said, know that you can have a traditional venue ceremony and reception at an affordable price by simply booking an all inclusive package. A package such as this bundles the ceremony and reception together at a discounted price and includes everything you would need for your special day – from the wedding cake to the flowers. Take a few minutes to browse through this All Inclusive Wedding Packages section for more details, and also see our individual venue pages below:

See Our Grand Garden Ceremony and Reception All Inclusive Spaces

Questions Regarding Affordable Las Vegas Weddings

When you’re keeping an eye on your budget, but want to plan the perfect wedding, you will certainly have a few questions to ask the experts. We have years of experience assisting couples with limited funds to create their dream come true wedding day, and so we have the experience to answer the questions that you may have. For now, we’re providing you with a few of our most common inquiries to help you cut your wedding costs. Give us a call if you have questions of your own; we are here to give you advice and set you on the path to a cost-effective wedding.

Which is more affordable for my Las Vegas wedding, a DJ or a live band?

Live bands are amazing but can be a bit more expensive than utilizing a DJ. Why is this the case? Because a DJ is normally a one-person setup, while a band can have several members that split the paycheck. And Just because a DJ is more affordable doesn’t mean you’re getting second best; it’s quite the opposite. Many brides seek out a DJ over a live band because that’s what they prefer. This may be the case because a DJ knows how to keep the party going with a large selection of music and seamless song transitions, while a live band will have a limited song list to select from. In addition to this, DJs are also well-versed at making all the announcements. Lakeside Weddings includes professional DJ services with all their reception only and all inclusive packages. This way, you won’t have to worry about shelling out money to hire your own DJ. Be sure to check out our post that will provide you with information on using a DJ for your wedding reception.

What’s your lowest cost wedding package near the Vegas Strip?

Getting married near the Vegas Strip is an attractive option for many couples. It provides endless entertainment for you and your guests on the days following your wedding and also makes for a fantastic honeymoon destination. Our full-service wedding venue is located near the strip and downtown Vegas. So, if you’re seeking out an affordable Las Vegas wedding venue that’s close to this area, then you’ve come to the right place. Our most affordable option would be our ceremony only packages for up to 10 people – check them out below. And, of course, dive into our Wedding Packages page to see an overview of all your options.

Check Out Lakeside Weddings & Events Venue Resources

Low-Cost Las Vegas Weddings on a Budget
Las Vegas Wedding Package Prices

Now that you know how to have an inexpensive Las Vegas wedding, you’ll want to start researching all the elements that make up your big day – from information on ceremony and reception photography to details regarding mid-sized weddings, and more. Don’t worry; you won’t have to spend time searching the web for this information; we’re providing it to you below. So, grab a cup of coffee, and have some fun looking into these pages that will help you plan your wedding, as well as provide you with some inspiration.

Have a Beautiful Las Vegas Wedding No Matter What Your Budget Is!

Lakeside Weddings & Events is a popular full-service ceremony and reception venue located near the Vegas Strip that provides affordable packages and exceptional service. Our staff knows how special this day is, and they go above and beyond to make sure everything is picture-perfect. But don’t take our word for it, see what others have to say by heading over to our awards and reviews page. If you feel that getting married at our Las Vegas wedding venue is right for you and the one you love, then give us a call or contact us online. Our team would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, schedule a personal tour, or reserve the specific date you have in mind. Also, before you go, take a moment to view all our venues by visiting our video tours page – we know you’re going to fall in love with all our lakeside ceremony spaces!

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