How to Pick Your Wedding Venue in 2021

It’s All About

Location, location, location! Planning a wedding? Just about everything revolves around where the
wedding itself will be held. Keep these tips in mind.

1. Decide if you’re Looking for a Specific Wedding Venue Theme

Have you dreamed of a beach-themed or lakeside wedding since childhood? Complete with dolphins in the
background and a bouquet spotted with sea oats. Perhaps a Disney-themed wedding? Nowadays many
different places offer accommodation for weddings whether you’re looking for something more quirky or traditional

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2. Consider its Location

If choosing a destination thousands of miles away it could hinder some friends and family from being
able to come. Even if your destination is relatively inexpensive to travel to, if the destination requires
guests to obtain passports or visas in order to be able to attend it could cause issues. If local hotels are
all quite expensive it could also be a hindrance. Keep in mind who you’re inviting and their ability to
come to your wedding.(how to choose the right venue)

3. Seasonality

Wishing for a lovely outdoor wedding in the summer in the tropics? Keep in mind that it might rain. If
you’ve planned to have your wedding themed around a certain seasonal theme make sure that the venue
is located in an area with predictable weather and that the venue can accommodate if there is rain or

3. Do they Offer Accommodation for your Religious/ Spiritual Beliefs?

If it’s important to either you or your fiancée to incorporate their spiritual beliefs into the ceremony be
sure that the venue has officiaries and anything else that will be required.

4. How Many People Can the Venue Accommodate?

If you’re planning on a very large wedding make sure that the venue you chose has seating, a reception
area, etc. that can accommodate all the guests which will be attending.

5. Price Range

It goes without saying but weddings can be expensive. Be sure that your wedding venue is within your
budget. If money’s tight and it’s more important to you to have money for other things (such as a dress
or a honeymoon) a less expensive venue is worth considering

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