How Many People Your Venue Can Accommodate?

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Figuring Out How Many People You’d Like to Invite

Before deciding on your venue, it’s key that you determine how many people you’d like to have attend your wedding. You may be unsure yourself. Just as with deciding on a theme or style for your wedding, consider your tastes and individual preferences. Also, talk it over with your fiancée. The two of you may have differing opinions on the size of the wedding and its important any disagreements are sorted out before you select your venue.

One thing worth considering is what you prioritize more. Having a wedding in a specific location that may be difficult for all guests you’d like to invite to attend, or having your wedding at that location. Figuring out what’s more important to you can help you choose what wedding venue you should select.

How many people can your venue accomodate

There are many options to help you decide which venue you’d like to select.
If you’re deciding to have a very large wedding many outdoor venue work nicely and prevent overcrowding and a claustrophobic atmosphere. Weddings taking place on a farm or in parks are very en vogue at the moment and can easily accommodate quite a crowd. If you’re really bent on conducting your ceremony at a venue (such as a childhood church) that may be too small for a comfortable reception with the amount of guests you’re inviting, it’s quite simple and often inexpensive to rent out community centers or halls to conduct the festivities afterward.
For a smaller, more intimate wedding you may want to avoid choosing very large or open spaces in order to prevent your wedding from feeling like it’s being conducted in an empty room. Parks, gardens, and beaches make for lovely venues for a small wedding and very little can beat the charm of an old, country Church.

Determining Your Budget
Before getting hung up on having your wedding at a specific place,(religious and spiritual beliefs should be considred) it’s important you figure out what you can afford. Taking into account how much your family is willing to pay, how modest or extravagant you’d like the ceremony or festivities to be, how many people you’re inviting and the current financial situation of you as well as your partner needs to be given some thought.

In determining your budget make sure you’ve figured out your priorities. It may be more important to you to have a lot of guests or to be able to afford a designer wedding gown or to have a very upscale reception. Unfortunately, most of us can’t have it all. Picking your price range, and subsequently, your venue will be a much easier affair once you figure out what you can afford and what you’re willing to sacrifice. Think about what you want to remember the most when you look back on this very special day.


  • Just because you don’t have a ton of money at your disposal doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing wedding venue! Below are some options for wedding venues if you’re on a tight budget.
  • Many public parks or beaches allow weddings to be conducted for next to nothing (and sometimes actually nothing). Just a few decorations and some lighting here and there can completely transform the area.
  • Know a friend or family member with an amazing backyard? Why not consider asking if you could conduct your wedding there? Interesting landscaping, as well as the laid-back environment, can make for a truly memorable wedding.
  • Some non-typical places such as art museums or bed and breakfasts make for very affordable wedding venues and are sure to be quite unique.