Should I Still Hire A Wedding Planner Even Though I Am Doing A Small Outdoor Ceremony?

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Don’t Let The Size of Your Ceremony Determine All Your Wedding Plans

Weddings come in all manner of shapes and sizes, from small affairs held in your backyard to glamorous events where the cost of the flowers alone is more than the total budget for your backyard nuptials. If you are more into the idea of having a small outdoor ceremony, you are probably thinking that you can manage all the details alone. After all, wedding planners are solely for those larger weddings where the bride has money to burn, right? The answer to that question is no, as a wedding planner may be just what your small event needs to make things go just right.

A smaller wedding generally means working with a smaller budget, which also means that you might have a tougher time getting what you want. A wedding planner is not just someone that walks around with a clipboard telling people what to do, they are actually masters of stretching the smallest budget to the max. Planners tend to have relationships with photographers, DJ’s, flower shops, and more, allowing them to work at getting you better prices for things you would pay through the nose for on your own.

Even when you are planning a smaller wedding, the stress levels are still very high. There are a lot of tasks that need to be accomplished, making it easier for some things to fall through the cracks. A wedding planner will talk to the bride and groom about their vision for the wedding and will then do all that they can to turn that vision into a reality on your wedding day. Nothing will get missed, and you may even find that the real thing is even better than you imagined when you let a professional help you with the planning.

When you have a ton of space to work within a reception venue, it’s easier to create the look and the atmosphere that you want, even when the wedding and reception are in the same room. That can be a good deal tougher in an outdoor space, where creating an intimate venue is a little trickier. A wedding planner knows exactly how to put your available space to its best use, creating a romantic setting that is beautiful to you and comfortable for all your guests.
When you are planning on having a small outdoor wedding, you may believe that a wedding planner is a luxury that you cannot afford to have. Nothing could be further from the truth, though, as it’s easy to find a planner who works for a set percentage of your total budget. Their services will quickly pay for themselves, as you will find that they are able to get deals from vendors that get you a whole lot more for your money. You deserve to have the best time ever on your big day, and knowing that a professional is on hand to take care of all the details will give you the freedom to truly enjoy yourself on your wedding day. Just in case you missed it