Choosing The Right Venue In Las Vegas – Theme And Location

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Romantic Wedding Venues Should Not Be That Difficult to Find

Selecting a Theme for Your Wedding

If you don’t already have a theme in mind for your wedding, it’s important to consider you, and your fiancée’s unique tastes and personalities. Are you into a more rustic look or would you prefer something more posh? As a couple do the two of you share a lot of memories revolving around a certain interest or location that you’d like to incorporate into your venue?

One thing that can help you figure out your theme is to take a look at your closet and home décor. Figuring out the style and colors that you tend to gravitate towards can help you figure out what you really want in a wedding.

Another thing to take into account is what you’d like the atmosphere of your wedding to be. Would you like your wedding to be very traditional or would you like a more laid-back attitude? Are you looking to have a modern and unique wedding or something that’s more classic?

When looking at other’s weddings consider saving clips and images of things that really pop out at you. Browsing sites like Pinterest can really help you determine what your individual style and tastes are.

Some Ideas for Themed Weddings and the Best Venues for Them

Choosing the right wedding venue


  • Country style- many ranches and farms allow weddings to be held on their property. An old barn could also be quite nice.
  • Beach themed- obviously a beach! However, if you can’t afford or are unable to have a wedding at an actual beach one on a lake can be very beautiful and still provide you with the waterfront look you’re desiring.
  • Vintage- if you’re going after a vintage look many old, historic country churches allow weddings
  • Nature-themed- look for botanical gardens, parks, boardwalks etc. that you’re interested in.

Deciding on Where You’d Like to Hold Your Wedding

For many, the questions of where they’d like their wedding to be is just as difficult a question as what they’d like the actual wedding to be like. For many couples, a wedding is a chance to turn over a new leaf and begin a new chapter of life. If that’s so you and your fiancée might want to consider a wedding that’s in a new or unusual location. Alternatively, if you’d like to commemorate the past choosing to hold your wedding in a town or city where you grew up can be a meaningful experience, symbolizing the change from old to new.

When figuring out which wedding venue you’d like to select how far away it is is quite important. If most of the guests you’re inviting are from your hometown it’s likely best for you to select a wedding venue that’s located in your hometown. Choosing a wedding venue that’s located too far away from where most of your guests live means that many of them might not be able to come, or would be greatly burdened in doing so.

International Weddings
Many guests (in addition to not being able to afford to come) may not want to deal with any legal procedures (such as getting passports or visas) in order to attend your wedding. It’s important you take into account the ability of your guests to come to your wedding. (Right Budget, Right Venue)

If you’re planning to have a wedding in a location known for unpredictable weather make sure that the venue you choose will be able to adjust to any inclement weather. In addition, making note of the fact that other areas can have significantly different climates than what you are accustomed to at home can prevent you from being surprised when your wedding comes around.