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What Are The Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding? All women dream of their wedding and many plan it from a young age. However, what alternatives are there available to you if a traditional church wedding is not how you envision your big day? Here are six alternative options that may appeal to you instead.

  1. Beach Wedding.
  2. Costume Party Theme Wedding.
  3. The Theme Park Wedding.
  4. The Back Yard Casual Wedding.
  5. County Hall Wedding.
  6. Overseas Wedding.

A wedding day should be one that is special to you and your partner. Whatever style of wedding that you chose, ensure that it is one that conforms to your choices and don’t be pushed into something that does not appeal to you by family members.

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Marriage is a very happy occasion, however, newly engaged couples may find the years/months/weeks leading up can be more stressful than they expected. There’s a list of reasons why stress can be a leading issue when all aspects of the wedding are being arranged. The only other factor that may be right up there with stress is cost. This special day comes at an exponential cost that adds up quickly with finding a dress, photographers, and entertainment amongst other things that need the bride and groom’s attention. Even after cutting back as much as you possibly can without sacrificing your dreams, the final bill may still make you want to faint.

It’s so easy to save money quickly when choosing to tie the knot near Summerlin in a Wedding Chapel with Lakeside because you’re able to customize our packages to the smallest detail. Only interested in having a small guest list present with all the other extravagant wedding details present? There’s a package for that. Or, on the other hand, maybe you want a large style going all out with an Elvis impersonator? You can have that near Summerlin too. Our chapels are all about having your wedding dreams come true, all within the limits of your decided budget.

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To compensate for the load of commitment needed to be put in for the special day, finding a best man and maid of honor for the wedding is highly necessary. Some might think of those roles as just another traditional wedding thing, but in reality these roles tend to be close and caring friends who just want to be sure your day runs smoothly as possible. Since they are obviously of close relation to you, they make for great partners to run your wedding ideas by.

Often times there can be venues that give you extra bang for your buck, despite being a bit out of your budget. Venues can provide a lot that you may be looking for as part of the overall cost like decor, flowers, and sometimes the food (excluding the cake). There may also be divided areas between the wedding itself and the reception, which saves you the stress of moving guests from location to location. In this case, size does matter as your venue should be able to comfortably cater to your guest list. Having a list readily prepared also gives a good idea to you and your coordinator with how many invitations need to be delivered. It is a good idea for brides to start trying on dresses earlier rather than later to give plenty of time for scheduling numerous fittings. Since photographers and entertainment are typically in high demand for weddings, it is also imperative to book these in advance to ensure you get the best out there for your budget. There are several types of wedding services needed to book for the big day, but as long as you give yourself enough time to prepare and plan, even your rehearsal dinner will be a breeze with a painless wedding day to follow.

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Your wedding does not have to come out to be a long expensive bill still being paid off years of anniversaries later. There are still a variety of wedding goals you can achieve while sticking to a tight budget. A small budget does not automatically mean throwing those dreams out the door, there is plenty you can do to keep your expenses low, while keeping the fantastic wedding in your head. Feel free to use these tips and be on the path to creating your perfect wedding at the pricing you’d prefer.

To start, keep your guest list as small as possible. This hopefully makes sense as less people means less food, seating, etc. If you have the space to accommodate, consider a reception in your backyard. Alternatives can be lush parks, instead of a hotel. Choose flowers that are currently in season with your date, being in season will mean more affordable than those highly priced as they are scarce. Stick to a cocktail sized party as opposed to a huge dinner. This will give more room in your budget to spend a little more on other aspects of the reception you might rather focus on. Create your own centerpieces! You do not need to be the best artist to make something simple, yet elegant, and there are tons of sites that will show step by step instructions. Consider skipping the DJ and create your own music playlist. You can use that money saved for other aspects of your dream wedding. Think about having your special day on a day other than Saturday. This might not be practical for most, but if you can afford choosing another day, there’s an instant guarantee of money saved as venues might not have those days as booked as a weekend.

History: Summerlin is a community located in the Las Vegas Valley of Nevada. This town lies at the edge of the Spring Mtns and Red Rock Canyon on the Western side of Clark County, Las Vegas. It takes up about 22,500 acres, with a variety of land use types like residential, commercial, recreational, educational, cultural and medical. Summerlin is names after Jean Amelia Summerlin. It offers homes with unique styles and pricing to accommodate for its multi-generational community.

Weather: This town has a toasty Desert climate as it lies within the Mojave Desert. Due to its heightened elevation, it is thankfully always cooler compared to downtown Las Vegas or The Strip. Typical year-round weather holds clear skies with abundant sunshine. There are however exceptional low humidity days here and there between the seasons. Winters here are brief, only December and January averages daytime highs below 60 degrees. Temperatures can drop to below freezing on rough nights in these months, which hold Summerlin as a leading community in Vegas to reach those marks. Snow is highly unusual here, occurring only every several years if at all. There are occasional spurts of hot temperatures during spring and fall, though these months tend to populate with mildly warm days. These comfortably warm temperatures usually stick around through the end of October to early November.

Directions From Summerlin Nv

  1. Take Greensboro Ln to N Rampart Blvd
  2. Head east on Greensboro Ln toward Iron Hills Ln
    Restricted usage road
  3. Turn right onto Trophy Hills Dr
  4. Turn left onto Tournament Hills Dr
  5. Continue on N Rampart Blvd to Breakwater Dr
  6. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto N Rampart Blvd
    Pass by Bank of America Financial Center (on the right in 1.0 mi)
  7. Turn right onto W Point Conception Dr
  8. Turn left onto N Harbor Island Dr
  9. Continue on Breakwater Dr. Drive to Regatta Dr