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Every girl has been dreaming of her wedding ever since she was a little kid. They somehow have an idea of how they want it to be. Contrary to what they think, weddings do not just happen and in order to make that perfect dream wedding a reality, one must be able to plan every detail out perfectly. This will focus on some helpful tips that you most likely need to know in planning out the best wedding venue for you. To start, know how to comfort your guests. Yes this is your choice entirely on how to plan out your day, but even the greatest party can be dimmed a bit with a not so enthusiastic crowd. Next, be sure to have a back-up plan. The best type of planning means expecting the worst, it will only decrease your risk in having a wedding with complete smooth sailing. Third, plan for some wind. Next, be sure to have a way to take care of the sun to avoid discomfort, not only for you but your guests as well. Outdoor weddings are great and romantic, but in order to have the perfect outdoor wedding one must be prepared. This guide will help you to be prepared for that very special occasion.

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There are a ton of package plans at your reach for your wedding day, including photographers, music, flowers, about anything you can think to make you special day even better. Often times, weddings take about a year or more in planning, but a Lakeside wedding chapel can save you that time and most importantly money. In extreme cases, one can get their marriage license and tie the knot by the same day in Blue Diamond. This is a big stress-reliever dealt with all in one that a small Blue Diamond wedding chapel will provide with ease. Despite the famous saying of “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, you’ll be sure to want to share the news of the memorable time you had getting married here. Another benefit of marriage here is saving in travel by being in an already popular honeymoon spot. It’s as easy as exchanging vows, toasting to the new couple, then heading out to take on the city’s amazing views and offers. Let these chapels speak for itself as there are so many locations to choose to get married at, delivering exactly what the couple expects on their big day. All while being more romantic than one might expect.

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There is a chaotic list of to-do’s for weddings, and because of this people often tend to space out at least a year or so between the initial engagement and the wedding. To start, you need to create a wedding budget and from there you can plan on what you can afford or not with that budget. A large wedding budget means room to work with hiring a wedding planner, while a tighter budget might require more planning on your own. Having a decided budget for your ideal wedding venue should be your primary consideration. If you decide to schedule a popular location, chances are you will need to book in advance, otherwise setting a plan B date. For public venue spots like the beach, you will likely need to research what paperwork is needed to be allowed to host a wedding there. Often times there can be venues that give you extra bang for your buck, despite being a bit out of your budget. Venues can provide a lot that you may be looking for as part of the overall cost like decor, flowers, and sometimes the food (excluding the cake). There may also be divided areas between the wedding itself and the reception, which saves you the stress of moving guests from location to location. In this case, size does matter as your venue should be able to comfortably cater to your guest list. Having a list readily prepared also gives a good idea to you and your coordinator with how many invitations need to be delivered. It is a good idea for brides to start trying on dresses earlier rather than later to give plenty of time for scheduling numerous fittings. Since photographers and entertainment are typically in high demand for weddings, it is also imperative to book these in advance to ensure you get the best out there for your budget. There are several types of wedding services needed to book for the big day, but as long as you give yourself enough time to prepare and plan, even your rehearsal dinner will be a breeze with a painless wedding day to follow.

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We have all heard of a wedding planner, but many may not be aware of what services they actually provide. This is probably because what a planner actually does depends on each wedding. Service varies from bride to bride: some prefer all aspects of the wedding taken care of for them while others might only want guidance with a few details here and there. Lucky for you, wedding planners are available to take care whatever you need for your big day here in Blue Diamond. Theres an infinite variety of service types provided by planners, so we will break it down to a few popular option types. Those searching for everything taken care of should look for wedding planners offering full-service packages. The day-of package however, is the perfect fit for brides needing just a guiding hand to to worry about the little things and make sure the day runs smoothly. After following through with an initial consultation with your wedding planner, you have the freedom to talk about budget, what you’re looking for with that money, and determine service packages. For the day of, your planner will show up at your chosen venue with plenty of time to coordinate with all vendors and other participants and do a last check. This is where day-of packages will tend to start, and as venues are arranged accordingly, the final step is always making sure everything runs smoothly. Part of this next step might mean needing arranged transport from the wedding venue to the reception.

History: This town includes parks, libraries, schools, churches and gas stations. The General Store here was built in 1942, originally selling things catered to miners as they populated this area near the Blue Diamond Mine. The store has kept its historical exterior look. The walls inside display plenty of the town’s historical photos that visitors can learn a lot from. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Most will agree Blue Diamond, NV is an outdoor lover’s best friend

Top Five Sites To Visit Here:

  1. Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
  2.  Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
  3.  Super Summer Theatre
  4.  Bonnie Springs Old Nevada
  5. Calico Hills

Directions from Blue Diamond Nevada

  1. Take Arroyo Rd to NV-159 E/Blue Diamond Rd/Red Rock Canyon Rd
  2. Head northeast on Allegro St toward Sage Pl
  3. Turn right onto Arroyo Rd
  4. Follow NV-159 ECo Rd 215 N/Clark County 215 Nand W Cheyenne Ave to Breakwater Dr in Las Vegas
  5. Turn left onto NV-159 E/Blue Diamond Rd/Red Rock Canyon Rd
  6. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left to merge onto Co Rd 215 N/Clark County 215 N
  7. Use the right lane to take exit 30 for Cliff Shadows Pkwy/Cheyenne Ave
  8. Turn right onto W Cheyenne Ave
  9. Turn right onto N Rampart Blvd
  10. Turn left onto Lazarette Dr
  11. Turn right onto N Harbor Island Dr
  12. Continue on Breakwater Dr. Drive to Regatta Dr
  13. Turn left onto Breakwater Dr
  14. Turn right onto Regatta Dr