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outdoor wedding venues near north las vegas


  • We Have Top Outdoor Wedding and All-Inclusive Packages Near North Las Vegas

  • A Beautiful Dress, Flowers, and 5 Star Receptions By The Lake Can Still Be Inexpensive

  • Best and Most Romantic Style For Your Special Day? Do You Prefer, Modern, Vintage, Elegant?

  • We Make It Possible To Still Have a Nice Small Affordable and Intimate Reception Anywhere Near The Vegas Strip


Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive wedding and reception package or a simple outdoor ceremony near North Las Vegas Nv, Lakeside Weddings has an option that will suit your needs. Our top-rated wedding packages have beautiful lakeside and garden scenery that will create the right mood. We have unique ceremonies with romantic outdoor venues—each that have beautiful greenery with trees and elegant walkways. Here are the gorgeous ceremony venue options near North Las Vegas. Let us help you find the lowest cost and cheapest location for your ceremony and reception, all close to downtown Vegas.

At each of our venues, you can select from one of our ceremony-only packages or opt for an all-inclusive package—whichever best suits your needs and budget. Our package options are optimized by the number of guests, and additional guests can be included for a small fee. Every package includes the use of the selected outdoor venue for the ceremony, use of the bridal room to prepare, access to our certified wedding consultant throughout the process, professional photography, rose bouquet and boutonniere, and traditional music. When you select one of the all-inclusive options, you’ll also get use of an accompanying banquet hall for your reception, all décor completed for you (with your choice from our large selection of linen colors), rose table centerpieces, champagne toast, a professional DJ/emcee, dinner buffet, drink selection, and a gorgeous multi-tier cake.

Choosing a traditional, all-inclusive, 5-star ceremony with a touch of luxury can still be cheap in 2018! Use the links on this page to get more information and start planning your dream wedding today.

Wedding Chapel- Have A One-Of-A-Kind Wedding At Lakeside

north las vegas wedding venues all inclusive


  • Finding the highest rated licensed and all-inclusive venue for your big day should not be that hard

  • Outdoor Upscale Wedding Packages By The Lake Can Still Be Inexpensive and Intimate

  • Modern? Elegant? Vintage? What is The Most Romantic Reception Rental For Your Special Day?

  • We Have Fun Five Star Vow Renewal Packages Available Anywhere Near The Vegas Strip

The appeal of getting married near North Las Vegas has always been the simplicity. The choices of many top wedding chapels and ability to get your marriage license without jumping through loops is just the beginning. There is nowhere else that can match the experience you will get from tying the knot near N. Las Vegas. Whether you are going for cheap and affordable, luxurious and elegant, lakeside wedding or indoor venue you can make it happen. We wanted to share some tips for the all the new couples out there.

Showing appreciation to everyone that help you with your big day is something that should not be overlooked. (Don’t worry this day is still all about you and the groom) By following these tips you can easily below you can easily express how much your care about your guest

1. You will be super busy ,however, try to make it a point to personally visit each table and give them a huge thank you hug (just don’t mess up your hair)

2. Again this tip might seem like it removes the attention from you, but cmon the bridesmaids need some love too. Nothing big a small token of appreciation will do.

3. One of the highlights and most romantic part of the day will be at the alter make “the kiss” count. Think more romantic vs showy 🙂

4. We where going to put this at number 1, take it easy with the drinks you want to make it trough the whole night.

5. Try to start getting use to doing things as couple, greeting your guest together will be a great start.

Wedding Planner- We Are Always Ready With Advice Or Ideas

  • Making Sure Everything Is Taken Care Of On Your Big Day – Top-Rated Near North Las Vegas Nv

  • Licensed and All Inclusive – We Make Planning Fun Instead Of Stressful!

  • Budget? Timeline? Guest List? Design? Our Top Rated Coordinator Will Manage It All

  • All Of Our Vendors We Work With Are Upscale and Professional

Hiring a wedding planner might seem out of your budget, however, it will help you enjoy your big day with getting overwhelmed and stressed out. Planning all the details of your wedding will be stressful, but some parts will easier to workout than others. Most brides feel that it will easier than they imagine since most pieces of a wedding are the same, one you think of the details that is when the anxiety and separation starts creeping in. That is when the right coordinator/planner experience will help you make your vision of your big day come to reality, there are some things that you and the groom need to consider before you get to this point.

When we ask, most of the time it is the bride to be who will have a clear and vivid picture of what the wedding day will be like. Knowing what you want ahead of time will definitely increase the chances that your big day will be the event and ceremony. Don’t try to stress to much on perfection and be realistic with your expectations. You will realize quickly that the cost of your wedding ceremony, dinner,venue (indoor or outdoor) will rise fast that is why we recommend that you have a budget. Once you have a realistic number(budget) to go by you can start making plans for your wedding.

The next thing you will need to do after you have a budget is to set a date. We were going to recommend to have the date first but we know that you will need the budget to hire a wedding planner, DJ, photographer, and the venue where ceremony and reception will be held. If at all possible give yourself enough time, not only for you but to guarantee that whoever you want to hire will be available and not already booked ( some wedding service planners require a year in advance notice)

Wedding Service With Luxury And Style Near North Las Vegas Nv

  • Beautiful Ceremony And Reception Perfectly Set Up Exactly How You Imagined It

  • Highest Rated Wedding Planning Service Near Las Vegas, and Local Areas

  • Don’t Get Overwhelmed and Stressed Out- Let One Of Our Professionals Do it For You

  • Affordable and Intimate Reception Venues Anywhere Close To Downtown Vegas

Event planners, coordinators are some of the other names wedding planners are known by, regardelss of what you call them they can help you stay organized and sane. Just like the names vary so do the actual services offered. Once the excitement of your engagement dies down you will soon realize that there are a few things that will require your full attention to detail in order to stay focused. Keep in mind even if you consider yourself super organized you will see the tremendous value of how a top wedding planner can help you stay on top of things.

We Came up with 7 important Things You Can ask Before You Hire an Event Planner

Finding the right person to help you with your big day will help you by reducing stress and anxiety that comes with getting married. In order to help you find the best event coordinator you can start by asking the questions below

  1.  What services do i get when I hire you?
  2. How busy is your schedule, how much of your time can I expect to have?
  3. Where can I find your references or past brides feedback?
  4. What are your price ranges? How much should I budget to hire you?
  5. Do you usually show up to the wedding for a final walk-through?
  6. Do you have vendors you work with and do I have to use them?
  7. What is the average fee that you charge for a similar event?

Once you go through phase 1 of the vetting process and find the right person you can trust then you can ask the other questions that I am pretty sure you will have at this point. We hope you found these questions helpful, we wish you luck with your wedding planning and hope you and your soon to be husband have a memorable and romantic night. To get more information about planning your wedding please call us at 702-240-5290

North Las Vegas Is in our Service Area


North Las Vegas is a city in Clark County, Nevada, the, located in the Las Vegas Valley. Since the 2010 census, it has a population of 216,961, with more or less population of 226,877 in 2013. North Las Vegas was incorporated on 5-16-1946.. (and is the 4th biggest in Nevada)


As a result of its location in the Mojave Desert, North Las Vegas has a desert climate. Conditions are often mild in the wintertime and sizzling during the summer time. Similar to the majority of the hot deserts of the US, snowfall just takes place once every few years on average. In the winter season, conditions seldom drop below freezing. During the summer, monsoons might reach the region, delivering extreme rainfall and thunderstorms.

College Or University
North Las Vegas is residence to the Cheyenne Campus of the College of Southern Nv.The college includes a section of around 80 acres and offers for a broad of different courses. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is preparing to open up a branch in North Las Vegas close to the I-215 Beltway

Domestic and international airline traveling for the complete metropolitan region is taken care of at McCarran Int. Airport, S. of Las Vegas, right next to the Strip.

The N. Las Vegas Airport, previously named Sky Haven Airport, was founded on Dec. 7, 1941. A section of Vision Airlines runs excursions to the Grand Canyon in Arizona from the terminal.

RTC Transit offers bus program in the area, as it does all across the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

The primary highways/roads serving North Las Vegas are I-15.

Directions From North Las Vegas

  • Get on I-15 S from N Las Vegas Blvd and E Lake Mead N Blvd
  • Turn right toward Civic Center Dr
  • Turn left toward Civic Center Dr
  • Turn right onto Civic Center Dr
  • Turn left onto N Las Vegas Blvd
  • Turn right onto E Lake Mead N Blvd
  • Use the left 2 lanes to take the Interstate 15 Sramp to Los Angeles
  • Take US-95 N to N Buffalo Dr in Las Vegas. Take the Buffalo Dr exit from Summerlin Pkwy W
  • Merge onto I-15 S
  • Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 42 to merge onto US-95 N toward Reno
  • Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 81A for Summerlin Pkwy
  • Continue onto Summerlin Pkwy W
  • Take the Buffalo Dr exit
  • Continue on N Buffalo Dr. Drive to Regatta Dr