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With countless venues near Las Vegas Strip, all offering something a little unique to the rest, it’s best for the newly engaged couple to shop around and find that perfect package that has all they’re looking for. If you’re looking for a venue that you know will have everything you’ve dreamed of for your big day, a small one might not be ideal as it will have less to offer in features and packages. However, these small locations can still be ideal to some, especially those looking for a quick “drive-thru” style ceremony. With both in mind, you and your fiancee need to decide which best fits your needs. Most Venues will require reservation, so be sure to begin your search at least a few months ahead of the wedding. Though there are ceremonies and such that maintain their casual feel, paperwork is still a necessity regardless. Marriage licenses allow you to tie the knot near Las Vegas Strip and need to be picked up no later than about three months leading up to the big day.

The happy couple can pick up their copy at the Clark County Marriage License Bureau. Hours there are open till midnight, giving you plenty of time to stop by and get the paperwork out of the way to focus on your special event. Venues nearby The Strip make it easier to kill two birds with one stone to those couples in which saving time appeals to their wedding plans. Keeping your budgeting in mind, choosing the venue you need carefully will help the rest fall into place, stress-free. A quick tip, always read any fine print in package offers to avoid missing any upcharges. A great example is a package that includes a photographer with its corresponding photos, however you might only be entitled to a specific range of photos in this package. In this case, you would want to be sure to address a venue package that includes a photographer with more photos, or be willing to pay extra for the extra you need.

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One of the best aspects of a chapel in Vegas is how flexible they are when it comes to getting hitched. You can be whisked through the nearest “drive-thru lane” and be married in a few minutes if you decide. There’s just about anything you can thik of when it comes to choosing a package plan, most of which include the basics like a photographer, flowers, music, etc. Weddings are special events in peoples lives and only occur once (with the exception of some) in a person’s lifetime. Whether prepping for your own dream wedding or helping someone along with theirs, this section will give you some good insight on how to narrow down the important stuff.

1. Are you strict on having this day be on a weekend or are you willing to try and work around it?
2. How is the bride visualizing the wedding ceremony/reception to play out?
3. What is your ideal budget? It is best to throw some numbers out there that would make your absolute maximum.
4. How big are you willing to have this guest list be? Only very close family and friends or practically everyone in your lives?
5. Is there a specific style or theme you’ve always visualized? 6. What locations are you planning the wedding to be held at? Indoors, outdoors?

Asking lots of questions and getting feedback early on will take care of lots of bumps and dips down the road. This is the one moment for this groom and bride so they are likely expecting near to perfection for this big event.

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This is the time to start looking over services for your big day, like your dream venue or the bride getting started on dress shopping. Amongst the other services needed for this day, there will be plenty of fitting and adjustments needed for dress shopping, which means the sooner, the better. As far as the bridesmaids dresses, this process should ideally start around 6-9 months before you tie the knot. Another service that’s important not to overlook are the flowers, this will fit along with your theme or style of what you and your fiancee have planned. The entertainment, is a crucial part of your wedding day, so be sure to book the higher demand vendors first like a band or DJ, as well as the photographer. Other small yet important details like the invitations, favors, centerpieces and cake are recommended services to be taken care of at least 5 months before the wedding day. For those guests coming in from out of the area, a 4-6 month planning period should be followed as well for arranging their accomodations. Not budging on having this big event be on the weekend? Just be prepared pay higher rates for venues and services than other days as weekends are higher in demand. If you get married near Las Vegas Strip during an off-season or even on a day of the week like a Thursday, you will see the difference yourself in service pricing. Paying attention to the previous tips and advised timelines will save the soon to be bride and groom lots of money which will come in handy for other things like cruising along countless casinos in the famous Las Vegas Strip.

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So the magic of the proposal is starting to pass, which means it’s time to get started with finding the best planner to help you achieve your dream wedding. When you look more into all that goes into putting your day together, you will come to realize more of all the puzzle pieces needed for prepare before your big day comes. Of course there are the bigger details too, choosing the right venue, the perfect dress all these can be overwhelming, but it’s the small details that sneak up behind the couple and add up quickly. For these amongst lots of other reasons, brides and grooms all over the world will find themselves turning to the guidance of a wedding planner. Sure it will add a bit more to your budget but, in the long run, you’re paying for the convenience of being able to focus on your love for each other and let a professional guide and do the heavy lifting. But with countless planners out there, how do you choose the best one to fit and help bring to life your vision? All it will require is a bit of research, this can be easier than you may think. Start of simple, start by looking for those in your region, or even better, why not near the location you’re hoping to tie the knot! Those already booked for your desired date are automatically ruled out, (unless you’re willing to be flexible with this) and putting together a quick list of your must-have services will cancel out some others. After narrowing down a bit, you’re ready for the the following steps. Full-service package or one more flexible and involved, which appeals more to you? This is another thing to consider. the perfect for brides who know what they need and just need a guiding hand to keep the day of running smooth, day-of packages will appeal the most. Start with some initial consultations here and there with different planners. These meet-ups give you the freedom to talk about whatever you may have questions about, like what you’re looking to get with your budget and discussing service package details

History: The Las Vegas Strip, the famous stretch of Southside Las Vegas Boulevard in Clark County, Nevada. Known for most of its concentrations in resorts and casinos. The Strip is about 4.2 miles in length in total and is directly south of Las Vegas city limits (within nearby unincorporated towns like Paradise and Winchester). A lot of the time, The Strip is referred to as just being Las Vegas, since it is so popular. You will find the best of the largest casinos, hotels, and resorts around Las Vegas Strip. The roads and views are highlighted with this location’s balance of modern and some traditional architecture and lights. All of these holding a wide variety of attractions. In a historical viewpoint, those Downtown Vegas casinos along Fremont St used to be limited to the outside skirts of Las Vegas Boulevard. That famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign was first built in 1959, sound 5 miles from the city’s limits. There are also other terms used for describing a larger geographical area to others here, like the Strip Area, Resort Corridor or Resort District. The big restaurants that surround this area are Hard Rock Cafe, Rio, Palms, and Hooters, to name a few. Las Vegas Strip holds so much entertainment, dining, shopping, nightlife, golfing, spas, that it can be almost overwhelming to plan around your perfect trip here.

Entertainment: As you walk, there are people passing out flyers/tickets for various shows and clubs to keep your never-ending trip going. There’s plenty that draws in the crowds in this area such as beautiful fountain shows at the Bellagio, and evening volcano shows at the Mirage. Even taking a break and people-watching all the commotion on the streets by The Strip can be a show in itself. This area has it all, and conveniently close and connected with shopping malls already attached to huge casinos, buffets, and more shows in those casinos. The Strip’s top entertainers, with residency, show here, with a chance to meet an assortment of celebrities all around, like Planet Hollywood. Self-parking at a low cost may be harder to find as more and more tourists flock to this area, but here are a few that still provide free public parking: Treasure Island, Tropicana and the Venetian. The Strip is a crucial part of Las Vegas, NV that people from all over the world have looked forward to and loved for generations. There is something for everyone here and you will not be disappointed.

Directions from near Las Vegas Strip

  1. Head west on W Flamingo Rd toward S Las Vegas Blvd
  2. Turn right onto S Valley View Blvd
  3. Continue straight to stay on S Valley View Blvd
  4. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto the U.S. 95 N ramp
  5. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for U.S. 95 N and merge onto US-95 N
  6. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 81A for Summerlin Pkwy
  7. Continue onto Summerlin Pkwy W
  8. Take the Buffalo Dr exit
  9. Turn right onto N Buffalo Dr
  10. Turn left onto Regatta Dr