Afternoon vs Evening Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony – Which One is Best for You?

Afternoon vs Evening Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony

If you’re engaged and planning your big day, but just can’t decide between having an afternoon vs evening Las Vegas wedding ceremony, you’ve come to the right place. Lakeside Weddings & Events has hosted hundreds of ceremonies that include both day and nighttime weddings, and this makes us more than qualified to help you figure out what time of the day will work for your wedding goals and personal preferences. That said, be sure to dive into this post so you can easily make a decision between an afternoon or evening time slot for your up-and-coming ceremony.

Choosing Between an Afternoon vs Evening Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony

So much planning goes into a wedding, from the smallest of details like choosing a guest sign-in book to significant aspects of the event, like whether you should have an indoor or outdoor wedding, and of course, whether to say your vows during the day or in the evening. To be able to make a decision regarding the time of day that you’ll tie the knot, it’s best to lay out all the advantages of both choices to see which coincides with what’s important to you and the one you love. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what afternoon and evening weddings have to offer you on your special day.

Evening Wedding Ceremonies in Las Vegas – Main Advantages

Evening ceremonies are in a class of their own and come with advantages that afternoon weddings typically can’t offer. This includes such elements as the ability to have special lighting, as well as additional pre-ceremony time.

Many say that weddings that take place after nightfall are more romantic, or that having the reception in the evening is better for a party-like atmosphere that includes dancing. As you can see, there may be a variety of personal preferences for having a nighttime wedding, but below, we will focus on some of the main advantages that reveal why an evening wedding ceremony is a must-have for many brides and grooms.

Frees Up the Entire Day and Provides Extra Time for Pre-Ceremony Photos

For those brides and grooms who don’t like to rush or the stressful feeling that comes along with it, then deciding between an afternoon vs evening Las Vegas wedding ceremony should be easy. You see, one added benefit of a nighttime wedding is that you have the whole day to prepare before walking down the aisle.

You’ll also be able to spend extra time with your bridesmaids in a rush-free atmosphere, enjoying the day together as you get ready for the most important day of your life. Having this extra time also ensures that you’ll be fine if something were to unexpectedly go wrong since you would have time to work things out. Also, your wedding photographer will have additional hours to document the day, maybe even the possibility of going to an offsite scenic location for some extra shots.

Having a Las Vegas wedding ceremony at this time will also enable you to sleep in if that’s your preference. This may not sound like a big deal to some brides and grooms, but to many who are not morning people, getting that extra hour or two of sleep can mean all the difference in having a good day. Additionally, one last thing that you may not realize is that having an evening wedding will provide your guests with additional time also. This is much appreciated by those who live out of town who would like to drive in for the day.

The bottom line is that creating a beautiful, stress-free day is important, and having an evening wedding can provide you with the extra time to make that happen.

Sunset Ceremonies are a Popular Reason for Having a Las Vegas Evening vs Afternoon Wedding

For those who can’t imagine it, picture yourself and the one you love saying your vows with the sun casting breathtaking colors all around you – various shades of orange, red, yellow, pink, blue, purple, and the like. And just imagine what this array of beautiful colors that nature displays can do for your wedding photography. In addition to this, if you’re tying the knot at Lakeside Weddings & Events, you’ll have the added benefit of the stunning colors of the sunset reflecting in the lake, and this would be your backdrop as you marry your spouse-to-be.

If this sounds like a dream come true wedding day, then see our Lake Wedding Packages page for more information. Also, picture these breathtaking elements coming together as you say your vows under a romantic wedding gazebo. Our largest ceremony gazebo is located within Swan Garden – here are our packages for this specific wedding venue:

All Inclusive Wedding Packages for Swan Garden

You can see just how fabulous Swan Garden is by viewing the video below:


If you’re interested in a sunset wedding with the reception falling into the evening, know that the ceremony should begin around 15-30 minutes before the sun actually sets. It’s also important to note that sunset times are different for each season, so be sure to get your times right – you can easily do this with the following NOAA Solar Calculator.

Night Weddings Can Offer Creative & Romantic Ceremony Lighting Opportunities

Most brides and grooms don’t realize the added benefit of having the ability to beautifully light their ceremony when having an evening wedding as opposed to an afternoon affair.

There are so many possibilities to add special lighting to your ceremony, and here are just a few of them:

  • String Lighting: Your Las Vegas wedding can feature string lighting for an enchanting, fairy tale, romantic feel that will impress your guests and make your wedding album look incredible.
  • Candles: This type of lighting looks stunning during an evening wedding but may not be very noticeable during an afternoon ceremony. This is one reason a nighttime wedding is the top choice for many couples who want that added touch of romance. It’s worth mentioning that most Las Vegas wedding venues only allow couples to display flameless candles, which is just as good.
  • Spotlights: An evening wedding can take advantage of the use of spotlights where soft lights can be directed in any area that deserves to be highlighted. This may be the ceremony altar, special decor that you don’t want your guests to miss, and the like.
  •  Lanterns: If you’re planning a ceremony that will have a vintage or rustic wedding theme, consider showcasing lanterns. Couples often utilize lanterns to line the pathway to the altar, or they can be placed around the altar to add a warm glow to the ceremony.

Afternoon Wedding Ceremonies in Las Vegas – Main Advantages

An evening wedding is not for every couple; many prefer to tie the knot in the afternoon when the sun is shining bright. There are also brides and grooms who may want a casual ceremony and feel that an evening wedding is more aligned with a formal event. If you happen to be on the fence as to whether or not an afternoon vs evening wedding ceremony is right for you, continue reading as we discuss the main benefits of getting married during the day.

Great for Morning People Who Enjoy Getting an Early Start

If you’re a morning person who loves to get up at the crack of dawn, when it comes to having adequate time to get ready, you may not need or want to wait until the sun goes down to say your vows.

People who like to get an early start on the day will most likely have no problems getting ready for a wedding that starts at 12 p.m. or soon after. For instance, if you’re the type of person who can wake up at 5 a.m. feeling refreshed, that gives you seven whole hours if you were to get married during the first part of the afternoon.

One of our venue spaces, Grand Garden, seems to be a popular location for afternoon weddings. It boasts a beautiful ceremony gazebo that sits on the lake’s edge and is located within a garden courtyard that showcases impressive stone statues. It’s a must-see, so be sure to view the video below to catch a glimpse of Grand Garden as well as its corresponding reception hall, Grand Atrium.


If this Las Vegas ceremony location looks too good to pass up, then head over to our Grand Garden packages to see what’s included and the pricing for each package tier.

All Inclusive Wedding Packages for Grand Garden

You can take a personal tour of all our Las Vegas wedding venues by heading over to our main Wedding Venue Tour page.

The Wedding Celebration Won’t Extend Late into the Evening

There are many brides and grooms who love the idea of having a Las Vegas reception in the evening, but if you don’t like the idea of the celebration extending into the late hours of the day, then an afternoon wedding may be more lined up with your goals. Also, a late reception can be difficult for older guests and children, so be sure to take that into consideration.

It’s also worth noting that an earlier wedding reception will provide you with more alone time as a couple after the event ends. For example, you can take in all that the Las Vegas Strip has to offer as husband and wife, maybe catching a popular show, or just enjoying a glass of wine together at a low-key restaurant. In addition to this, your wedding guests might also appreciate the extra time as well so they can explore the city too. While we’re on the topic of your guests, make sure to view our post on seating arrangements to ensure that you place everyone at the proper tables during the reception.

Afternoon Weddings can be Less Expensive Compared to an Evening Event

Depending on the venue you select, it’s possible that an evening wedding may be more expensive. So, if you’re on a tight budget, consider having an afternoon ceremony and reception instead.

Why would an afternoon wedding be more cost-effective in some cases? Well, for many brides and grooms, an evening wedding will be more formal, which may include formal attire that can cost a bit more. For instance, a beautiful sundress is perfectly fine for a daytime wedding, but some brides may feel uncomfortable sporting this type of dress at an evening wedding and may opt for a formal wedding gown instead.

In addition to this, an evening reception dinner may have the guests expecting a full five-course meal, while an afternoon lunch may include lighter menu items – this all depends on the wedding venue, though, because some venues have the same price and menu for afternoon and evening receptions. Also, let’s not forget about the alcohol – if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on drinks during your reception, know that your guests will most likely drink more if the celebration is held in the evening.

Keep in mind that various venues will charge a higher package price for evening time slots, making afternoon weddings the more affordable ceremony choice if money is an issue. Also, for brides and grooms who are unsure about how much couples typically pay for a wedding, dive into the following post that covers the topic of how much a Las Vegas wedding will cost. Additionally, you may want to take a look at our wedding specials page to see how affordable Lakeside Weddings can be for your ceremony and reception needs.

Day & Evening Wedding Ceremony Questions and Answers

We know you may have a few questions regarding the time of day you might have your wedding, and we are more than happy to answer them all. With that said, if you have a specific inquiry, feel free to contact one of our team members at 702 240-5290. In the meantime, Lakeside Weddings & Events is providing a few of our most common questions below to help you along the way.

Which is better for wedding photography, a Las Vegas afternoon or evening ceremony?

It goes without saying that shooting in daylight has its advantages, but keep in mind that evening wedding photography can look magical if the right lighting equipment is used. So, whether or not you have an afternoon vs evening Las Vegas wedding ceremony, your pictures should turn out great. Even so, it’s wise to ensure you’ll have a professional wedding photographer documenting your ceremony and reception. This is why Lakeside Weddings & Events provides an experienced photographer with all our ceremony only, all inclusive, and reception only packages.

For those who would like to have as much light as possible fall on your ceremony, consider booking a Las Vegas wedding chapel package. Our Lakeview Chapel has indoor chandelier lighting for evening ceremonies, as well as large floor-to-ceiling windows that can brighten the room in the afternoon. Take a look for yourself to see what this popular wedding chapel has to offer:


If you do happen to have your heart set on an afternoon or evening wedding chapel ceremony, see our corresponding packages below for the best wedding chapel in the Las Vegas area:

Wedding Ceremony Only Packages for Lakeview Chapel

Is it common to have a DJ and dancing during an afternoon wedding reception?

It’s easy to envision an evening reception with a DJ or live band, along with dancing, but is it common for afternoon weddings to go all out with this same scenario? The answer is yes, it actually is. So, for those couples out there who have never been to an afternoon wedding, know that it’s very common to have music and dancing during daytime wedding receptions. Anything that’s acceptable at a nighttime reception is also fine for an afternoon reception as well. Oh, and let’s not forget morning weddings where you can also have dancing and music! Additionally, for couples who are not sure if they should have a DJ or live music, this post can provide you with the pros and cons of both.

Lakeside Weddings & Events provides professional DJ services with each all inclusive and reception only package. This makes things easier for the bride and groom since they won’t have to worry about hiring a DJ on their own. If you happen to be looking for an affordable reception only package, we have listed them out below for you to view:

Las Vegas Reception only Packages

Wedding Resources for Couples Getting Married Near the Vegas Strip

We hope that our post has helped you figure out which is best for you – an afternoon or evening wedding. Also, we’re assuming you may need some advice with other wedding day elements, such as the ins and outs of having a large or small wedding, or maybe tips for planning a Las Vegas destination wedding, as well as information on lake wedding venues. If you do indeed need some help figuring out other aspects of a ceremony and reception, then make sure to look over the links below to see which one applies to your situation.

Have a Stunning Afternoon or Evening Ceremony at Lakeside Weddings & Events!

Whether you decide to have an afternoon vs evening Las Vegas wedding ceremony, we are here for you to make your day a memorable one. Lakeside Weddings & Events specializes in afternoon, evening, and morning weddings. We can offer you a wide variety of options as far as the time of day is concerned, as well as ceremony and reception spaces. If you love what you’ve learned so far about our wedding venue, then please feel free to contact Lakeside Weddings; we would love to hear from you. Our venue has a team of professional wedding coordinators who can help you book your special date and time. If you would like to speak to someone directly, we can be reached at 702 240-5290.

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