5 Tips On Saving Money With Wedding Transportation

Money Saving Tips for Las Vegas Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions
  1. If your ceremony venue and reception are close skip transportation completely. Walk or carpool – it’s fun and environmentally sound!
  2. Skip the fancy limo and get an affordable luxury SUV or town car. You can get one from any rental car agency at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Borrow a fancy sports car from a friend or family member for yourselves and arrange for your wedding party to carpool.
  4. Look for a fun transportation alternative. Think school bus, wagon, bicycles, fire truck, horses, or even tractors. Not only are these generally more affordable but they are also more memorable!
  5. Still want a limo? Stick with standard black and opt-out of stretch-sized. Skip the mini bar, stripper pole, or red carpet to help you stick to your budget.

How are you saving on your wedding transportation?

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