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Las Vegas Lake Wedding Venues Ceremony Only and All Inclusive Packages Near Downtown

Because the wedding capital of the world is located in the desert, most couples are unaware that there are actually Las Vegas lake wedding venues in the area. These waterfront venues are the home of gorgeous ceremony spaces that boast stunning lake views. This means you can have the best of both worlds – a Las Vegas wedding and a lake ceremony – all wrapped up into one. Lakeside Weddings & Events sports four ceremony spaces that are situated on the lake’s edge, and we know you will fall in love with all of them – let’s find out more so you can start planning your wedding on the lake!

Waterfront Wedding Venues in Las Vegas

Now that you realize that there are lakefront wedding venues in the Las Vegas area, we bet that you would like to hear all about them. They include fabulous outdoor ceremony sites such as Swan Garden, Grand Garden, Heritage Garden, and our indoor/outdoor Lakeview Chapel location. Each space offers features that make them unique and beautiful, and come with a variety of package options that can make your wedding day all that you were hoping for. With that said, if you’re seeking out an affordable Las Vegas wedding venue on the lake that will provide amazing photo opportunities, a romantic atmosphere, and tranquil lake breezes, you will want to dive into the following details for some inspiration for your up-and-coming wedding.

Swan Garden Ceremony Site – Romantic Gazebo on the Water’s Edge

For those who would like to plan a Las Vegas lake wedding that also includes a charming gazebo on the water’s edge, you will want to consider Swan Garden. This ceremony location will enable you to have the fairy tale wedding you have always dreamed of, complete with a backdrop that consists of a sparkling lake with beautiful swans, and gorgeous colors that reflect off the lake during twilight hour.

Swan Garden holds one of Lakeside Weddings & Events’ largest ceremony gazebos, which is perfect for big wedding parties, as well as small. The gazebo itself can be beautifully decorated with wedding flowers, sashes, string lighting, and more. Also, you will find a lovely path that leads to the wedding altar, which is often graced with flower petals. All these wonderful elements are set within a remarkable garden that holds flowers, trees, and other greenery.

When booking an all inclusive package, the Swan Garden ceremony site is paired with the Swan Banquet Room which also boasts lake views. Whether you’re planning a large wedding or a ceremony for two, be sure to view the packages for this popular ceremony space below, or head over to our main Gazebo Packages page to see all your options.

Swan Garden Lake Wedding Packages by Guest Count

We suggest that you also visit the following Swan Garden resources for more details and to see if this premium ceremony space is the one for you:

Grand Garden Ceremony Site – Beautiful Lakefront Courtyard with Exquisite Statues

This particular lake wedding venue boasts exquisite features that will certainly impress your guests, as well as make for beautiful ceremony photos. Grand Garden consists of a stunning garden courtyard overlooking a tranquil lake, and is filled with lovely greenery such as swaying willow trees, plants, and flowers. It also features large beautiful statues that make this ceremony venue stand out from the rest.

An ivy-covered wedding gazebo sits on the edge of the water within Grand Garden, which creates a romantic atmosphere as you say your vows, especially with a peaceful lake as your backdrop and a stone bridge over the water in the distance. Additionally, the bride will make her way down a grand stone walkway to the water’s edge as the guests watch in awe – it all makes for a gorgeous ceremony that you will never forget.

When a Grand Garden all inclusive package is utilized, the bride and groom, and their guests will celebrate the marriage within the Grand Atrium Reception Hall. Below we have listed out packages for you to look over:

Grand Garden Lake Wedding Packages by Guest Count

Head over to our Grand Garden gallery pages so you can see just how impressive it really is, and be prepared to fall in love with it:

Heritage Garden Ceremony Site – Cascading ivy-entwined Arches & Lakeside Wedding Altar

Another popular Las Vegas lake wedding venue is Heritage Garden, which also includes a waterfront ceremony gazebo. This ceremony space is like no other because it features unique and exquisite ivy-entwined arches that create a gorgeous walkway that leads to the altar.

The Heritage Garden ceremony altar is set before an ivy-covered gazebo that will often have flowers or sashes entwined with the ivy, making it a picture-perfect location to marry the one you love.

In addition to this, you and your guests will have breathtaking views of the lake during the ceremony, which also boasts a stone bridge over the water, beautiful trees, and other fabulous elements, which all look amazing when sunset ceremonies are taking place. And as the name suggests, this location is set within a wonderfully green garden that only compliments the sparkling lake backdrop.

If you’re going to say your “I DOs” within this Las Vegas lake wedding venue with an all inclusive package, then your wedding reception will be held within the elegant Swan Banquet Room. Below, you will find our all inclusive lake wedding packages, as well as ceremony only options:

Heritage Garden Lake Wedding All Inclusive Packages by Guest Count

Heritage Garden Lake Wedding Ceremony Only Packages by Guest Count

Before moving on to the next lake wedding venue in Las Vegas, take a moment to view our Heritage Garden image and video galleries:

Lakeview Chapel Ceremony Site – Large Glass Windows with Stunning Lake Views

Lakeview Chapel is a special lake wedding venue situated in the Las Vegas area. This is because it offers couples the opportunity to have an indoor wedding where the bride and groom have the choice of saying their vows inside the chapel or just outside the chapel doors at the edge of a beautiful lake. When choosing to say their “I DOs” outside, your guests will sit comfortably inside the chapel as they watch the wedding take place.

Whether you’re standing inside or directly outside the chapel, your guests will have fantastic lake views through the chapels floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which also reveal lovely garden views.

This waterfront chapel provides tranquil lake breezes, even while inside, and this is because the chapel has wide glass doors that open up towards the water. Additionally, Lakeview Chapel features elegant crystal chandeliers, beautiful flooring, and the aisle is often adorned with rose petals. If this has sparked your interest, then take a look at our affordable packages below for this popular Las Vegas lake wedding venue:

Lakeview Chapel Wedding Ceremony Only Packages by Guest Count

If you would like to learn more about Lakeview Chapel, then check out our image galleries and brochure that will reveal why this Las Vegas chapel is so very popular:

Questions Regarding Ceremonies at Lakeside Weddings & Events

Our full-service wedding venue team is here not only to host your special day, but to also answer any questions you have regarding ceremonies and receptions. Our wedding coordinators are highly knowledgeable when it comes to Las Vegas lake wedding venues, as well as everything that pertains to planning your big day. So, no matter what your questions may be, feel free to contact us so we can help you stay on track with reaching your wedding day goals. For now, to give you a head start, you will find two popular questions that we receive from brides and grooms.

Are there Las Vegas ceremony locations with water features?

Las Vegas is the home of a waterfall wedding venue that makes for a romantic ceremony, and will be sure to impress your guests. The venue is Waterfall Garden and it showcases a 6-foot cascading waterfall set behind an ivy-entwined gazebo, which is where you and the one you love will say your wedding vows.

In addition to this, the venue sits within a gorgeous garden filled with lovely greenery, which includes swaying willow trees. When you book this popular venue, your reception will be held in the Waterfall Garden Royal Banquet Room. Also, Waterfall Garden is perfect for small weddings, or wedding parties of up to 50 guests. Below you will find all inclusive packages for this location:

Waterfall Garden All Inclusive Packages by Guest Count

For those couples who would like a water feature showcased at their ceremony, be sure to visit our image gallery and brochure to learn more about this specific wedding venue space:

Can I book a Las Vegas reception hall located on lakefront property?

Swan Banquet Room and Grand Atrium reception halls are two venues located on the lake in Las Vegas. Both offer modern and elegant features that will make your wedding celebration exceptional. This especially holds true when you consider that both feature large glass windows that reveal breathtaking views of Lake Jacqueline, as well as a lush green garden.

The Swan Banquet Room is our largest banquet hall that can hold up to 225 people, and Grand Atrium’s capacity is 130. Both venues are available for all inclusive wedding packages, as well as reception only bookings. Lakeside Weddings & Events boasts impressive meal options with all our reception packages, along with rose centerpieces placed on all tables, they include dance floors, built-in bars, a wedding cake, and more. We invite you to take a look at our reception only packages to see what’s offered when you book a package at our premier Las Vegas wedding venue.

References for Couples Getting Married in the Wedding Capital of the World

Now that you’re engaged and have your eyes set on getting married in Las Vegas, it’s time to start planning your big day! With that comes plenty of research, but it’s the fun type – looking into wedding flowers, researching lake wedding venues near the Las Vegas Strip, deciding upon a fabulous bridal updo, and reading over the exciting details of your ceremony-to-be, and let’s not forget about looking into filing for your marriage license. With that in mind, grab a cup of coffee and dive into the following wedding resources below.

Book One of Our Las Vegas Lake Wedding Venues for an Unforgettable Ceremony!

If you’re planning on getting married, you should kick it up a notch by having a stunning Las Vegas lake wedding! Lakeside Weddings & Events is situated on waterfront property and able to make your lake ceremony and reception a reality. With our four lakeside wedding altars and two lake view reception sites, you have plenty of options to choose from when booking your preferred wedding package. We suggest contacting Lakeside Weddings to speak to one of our helpful ceremony and reception coordinators who can set you on the path to having your dream come true wedding day – we certainly look forward to meeting you and your spouse-to-be!

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