Same Sex ceremonies are now legal in the State of Nevada, and at Lakeside Weddings & Events we are very proud to provide ceremonies and receptions for same sex couples.

Same sex wedding ceremonies, often referred to as Gay Marriages, differ widely from couple to couple. However, the diverse types of ceremonies for those marrying and entering a life-long relationship which is based on love and mutual respect always brings out true happiness, regardless of gender, no matter how they plan and create their special day.

Like any wedding ceremony or reception, it is important to discuss your goals with our wedding planning professionals at the very beginning. Because same sex weddings are such a new thing, they allow you a lot of freedom when planning for your special day. Some couples go the traditional route and model their day after a typical Las Vegas wedding, while some others think outside of the box and prefer themed parties or other unique events. No matter the kind of wedding ceremony or commitment ceremony you have in mind, our professional wedding planners will work directly with you to create the perfect day!

For more information on planning your same sex ceremony and reception please contact our office at (702) 240-5290, or visit our Contact Us page on the website. Looking for directions? Yes. Visit our Google maps listingĀ